Charlie Sheen Fiancée Is Married


Charlie Sheen’s fiancée, Brett Rossi, is still married. Sheen has never been shy of controversy. But being engaged, nonetheless, to a married woman is not what the public expected Sheen’s next move to be. He has been unapologetic with his love of extremes, one of these being his love of dating adult entertainment stars. The question is did Charlie Sheen know he was proposing to a married woman? According to Fox News Sheen was well aware of his fiancée’s marriage status; Rossi has been separated for 2 years and is in the process of finalizing the divorce.

This would become Sheen’s fourth trip down the aisle. His first marriage lasted 1 year, his second lasted 4 years, and his third lasted 3 years. He has 5 children, and one grandchild. According to CNN Rossi is a former adult film star and is now a nursing student paying her way through school with the money she earned in adult entertainment.

Charlie Sheen grew up in Malibu as the son of actor Martin Sheen, and brother Emilio Estevez. He began his successful 1980s film career shortly after graduating high school, working twice with Oliver Stone, the famed director that gave him the opportunity to play the title role in Wall Street. During the 1990’s Sheen’s film career declined, it was not until the year 2000 that he began his television career with Spin City, and Two and a Half Men. He not only went on to become television’s highest paid actor, but its most vocal as well. Making his negative opinions of the Two and a Half Men creator, Chuck Lorre, public was what ultimately got him fired from the show.

With a film career that spans 30 years, Sheen’s life has played out in the public. He was once engaged to Kelly Preston, relationship that ended when he accidentally shot her, and was widely known as a witness in Madame Heidi Fleiss’ trial, having spent over $50,000 on call girls. He suffered a drug overdose, was accused by his second wife, Denise Richards, of sexual addiction, death threats, and drug abuse; acts which prompted her to file for divorce while pregnant with their second child. He then married reported addict Brook Mueller, and went through a very public custody battle with her. Throughout this he has also been accused by multiple girlfriends of physical abuse, damaging property, in addition to his multiple rehab stints and an overdose.

Sheen has always been vocal about his love of pornography and adult entertainers, having dated a multitude of them in the past. Yet, walking down the aisle with an adult entertainer seems like a departure from Sheen, given his previous marriages where to a model, actor, and a real estate agent.

Sheen is no longer using social media to express his opinions on television, the government, and his ex-wives, and no new reports have emerged of him misbehaving, threatening, or speaking about warlocks, winning, and tiger blood. He is now using social media to express his profound love for Rossi. Fourth time might just be a charm for Sheen, Rossi may just be the one that tames the eternal bad boy.

By Dony Lugo

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