Charlie Sheen to Marry for Fourth Time

Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen is to get married for the fourth time. This time it will be to his current girlfriend, porn star Brett Rossi.

Just over a month ago, rumors began to spread online after the Anger Management star used his Twitter account to share the engagement news. It turned out to be a joke, at his ex-wife Denise Richards’ expense. The relationship between Sheen and his former wife had become toxic, with reports that she refused to allow her children to see their father to open presents on Christmas morning.

After 24 hours, however, it was very clear that the actor was just joking around, and Rossi was in on it. This time, it doesn’t seem to be much of a joke. Rossi told E! Online that her now-fiancé got down on one knee to propose the day after Valentine’s Day just, after watching the sun rise together. It was very romantic and very surprising for the 24-year-old.

On Valentine’s Day, Rossi took to Twitter to tell Sheen how much she loved him and that he was her best friend. She tagged him into the tweet to make sure he saw it.

The former Two and a Half Men actor also had a special Valentine’s Day tweet for his love, while making it clear that his kids are important to him.

While many are reporting that this will be the fourth time Sheen will marry, it is technically his third marriage. His first marriage, to Donna Peele, was annulled rather than ending in a divorce. The actor was happy to point that out in a magazine statement, according to Fox News. The next two attempts to Richards and Brooke Meuller ended in divorces. As Sheen pointed out, maybe it will be a case of “third time’s the charm.”

The 48-year-old and 24-year-old are still to set a date. In fact, there have not yet been any pictures of the engagement ring. According to Rossi, it is simple and elegant, but she has not had the chance to snap photos. That is usually one of the first things that celebrities do to show off their announcement and really make it official.

It did take time for the two to finally admit to their relationship. It was only when they were spotted out in public, in November, that they admitted there was something between them. Shortly after their photo, the actor took to Twitter on Thanksgiving to boast about the relationship to someone half his age. It is unknown how long they have actually been together, but to the public their relationship is still in the early stages.

Rossi is fairly unknown to the general public. International Business Times reports that her IMDb profile shows that she has mainly starred in porn movies and she has an adult only website. Despite all this, she doesn’t like to be referred to as an adult star.

There is no word about how any of Sheen’s former wives are taking the news that he is about to walk down the aisle, for the fourth time, to become legally married.

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