Charlie Sheen Wants a Prenup Just In Case

Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen wants a prenup, just in case something goes wrong with his upcoming marriage. He will not walk down the aisle for the fourth time until the agreement is arranged and signed by both parties.

It makes sense for the 48-year-old actor. Considering this is the fourth time he is walking down the aisle, he needs to protect himself from the possibility that someone is just marrying him for his money. Although, the Anger Management star doesn’t think that his new fiancée is marrying him just for that reason. A source close to the star told British newspaper The Daily Mail that Brett Rossi is his soul mate. And she seems to think the same judging by her show of affection over Twitter.

Sheen is simply being cautious, but he is showing that his new fiancée is being treated with respect through the prenup by getting much more than former wife, Brooke Mueller. Mueller was given nothing in the agreement should the marriage end. She did however, end up with $55,000 per month for child support while she still had custody of their twins together and received $3.5 million. They were married for just two years.

There was not an agreement between him and his second wife, Denise Richards. At the time of marrying Richards, the 48-year-old did not have that much money. It was shortly after their marriage ended that he starred on Two and a Half Men and gained the majority of his fortune.

Sheen wants the prenup with his future wife just in case something does happen. However, he does not believe it will or that she is purely after his money.

This will technically be his fourth marriage, but officially only the third. His first marriage to Donna Peele lasted less than a year and was annulled. There was no prenuptial agreement in place for the couple, like with Richards, due to Sheen having little of value at the time.

He has not had much luck with marriages though. The one to Richards only lasted two years. She was six months pregnant when they divorced in 2002. They seemed to part on good terms until the end of last year. In fact, up until November 2013, they were often seen holidaying, as what seemed like a family.

The problems between the two really started some time after the actor announced he was dating 24-year-old Rossi. Things became very hostile over Christmas when he complained about not being able to see his children on Christmas Day.

The marriage to Mueller is still a problem for the actor. They are locked in a custody battle over their twins. Mueller tried to ruin Richards’ reputation by calling social services, but Richards was cleared of all accusations.

Sheen proposed to Rossi on Valentine’s Day after jetting her to Hawaii. She never expected it but tweeted about it to share the news as soon as she could. To avoid finances getting in the way of a prenup agreement, Sheen has agreed to pay the fees for both of them and makes it clear that it is just in case there is a breakdown in the relationship.

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