Clint Eastwood, the Life Saver


Clint Eastwood can now add another role to his vast C.V., namely the one as life saver. The actor did not hesitate when Steve John, director of the PGA Tour was choking on a piece of cheese and rapidly performed the Heimlich maneuver on Wednesday night at the Monterey Conference Center. The 83-year-old artist attended the event not as an amateur contestant anymore, but as the chairman of the Monterey Peninsula Foundation which has raised over $100 million for charity.

Little did Clint Eastwood, now dubbed life saver know that attending the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am party was not the only “duty” he had that night. The PGA Tour official told reporters that he was having a good time, he was “drinking water and eating these little appetizers.” John was looking at Eastwood when he felt that he could not breathe anymore and the actor immediately recognized the official’s look.

The artist later told The Carmel Pine Cone that he looked in John’s eyes and “saw that look of panic people have when they see their life passing before their eyes” and even though he admitted that he had never done the Heimlich maneuver before, he saved the official’s life.

Although John weights 202 pounds, Eastwood had no difficulty in throwing the official up in the air three times and save the man’s life. The life saver proved not only that he has fast reaction and knowledge when it comes to the Heimlich maneuver, but also impressive strength.

Unfortunately, this was not John’s first near-death experience. Before Clint Eastwood became a life saver, the PGA Tour official had another incident while eating. Although the savior was not the actor, but a person who John hasn’t talked to since the night in question, it is clear that the official has been through a Heimlich maneuver before. After the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am party, John recalled that the unfortunate event happened seven or eight years ago in Colorado, but he was happy that he was given a third chance to life.

The Chance to Repair a Disintegrating Image

For Clint Eastwood, the event was a breath of fresh air after the divorce from his wife, Dina damaged his image. After asking the judge to deny her spousal support, another wave of problems threatens to affect the artist’s renown, namely the custody of their 16-year-old daughter Morgan. Although the actor’s marriage lasted 17 years and the couple was reportedly considered a strong one, Clint Eastwood is now facing an ugly divorce which could affect his work of a lifetime.

The reason why the actor is seen as the “bad guy” in the divorce issue with wife Dina is that, although she was the one to file for divorce, she also defined Eastwood as a “lovely” man who hadn’t done anything wrong. However, the result is that they are now fighting over the fortune and the child they have together.

Irrespective of the artist’s personal life, his gesture of saving director John from a near-death experience convinced journalists to talk about the life saver Clint Eastwood and not about the actor who is going through a rough divorce.

By Gabriela Motroc



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