CNN Will Cancel Piers Morgan

CNNCNN will cancel Piers Morgan’s show, Piers Morgan Live. The show has lasted just three years and took the prime-time slot from Larry King, who now says that he could come back.

Morgan was in a difficult position from the start, replacing the show that the TV channel had supported for the previous 25 years. It was when the new president, Jonathon Klein, took over the network. Klein thought that the viewers needed something new and different. However, the program never got the audience that the network wanted. It may have struggled on if it wasn’t for a new president of the network. Jeff Zucker wants a new direction for the network and the first thing is to cancel Piers Morgan Live. This will also help gain new advertisers.

King, now 81, has since said that he’d be willing to go back to his original CNN spot. After leaving the network, he hosted the web show Larry King Now, which was shown on Ora TV. While King has an equity stake in Ora TV, he believes the two networks could work something out.

The issue surrounding Morgan has never been clear. Morgan and King’s formats were both very similar, which should have appealed to King’s fans. However, Fox TV, the rival network, always gained more viewers for the same prime-time slot. It was likely Morgan’s British views and personality. Instead of accepting that the US was very pro-gun, he would attack them with his own British politics. With the drop in ratings, CNN had no choice but to cancel Piers Morgan Live. The last show will likely be aired in March, but the date still needs confirming.

David Carr from The New York Times expressed that the UK TV presenter struggled to connect with the US viewers. He was from a different country, so could never credibly speak about the issues in the country. This was something that King never had a problem with. Morgan seemed to agree with Carr, explaining that there were times he would connect with the audience but it was very difficult on slow news days. He also acknowledged that bashing about guns regularly was not helping. The American viewers were tired of him, and that was not good for the network.

Last year was the worst hit that the TV show had had. Fox TV changed its line-up for the prime-time slot and introduced the very popular The Kelly File, which was hosted by Megyn Kelly.

There has not been any confirmation over who will take the new CNN prime-time slot. King has not indicated whether he has been approached, but is putting forward his agreement should the network agree. It is clear that he never left the network on bad terms, especially with a change in president.

Morgan’s future with the network is also currently unclear. At the moment, the TV presenter and former newspaper editor is being questioned regarding the phone-hacking scandal that has hit the UK for the last few years. The presenter is being investigated again, after taking the stand as a witness expressing that there was no wrongdoing. This could be another reason for CNN to cancel Morgan’s show and not talk about other options yet.

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