Craigslist Killer Uses Interview From Jail to Come Clean on 22 Murders

craigslistMiranda Barbour, known as a Craigslist killer, is a 19-year-old woman who was charged with murder. In an interview from jail, she recently confessed to killing at least 22 more people. She wanted to come clean and be honest about what had happened at this point.

The Craigslist killer is currently in jail in connection with murdering a man she met online. She supposedly met him on Craigslist through a companionship ad and lured him into meeting her at the Susquehanna Valley Mall.

She worked in conjunction with her husband of three weeks, Elytte Barbour, who is also in jail for the murder. Prosecutors reported that she picked up the victim at the mall 50 miles south of Sunbury. Her husband was waiting in the backseat of the car, covered by a blanket. He used a cord to strangle him while she stabbed him 20 times. The Craigslist killer says she never intended to stab him, but things got out of control when he said the wrong things.

In December, her and her husband plead not guilty on the count of killing Troy LaFerrara on Nov. 11 in a Sunbury court. His body had been found in an alley in Sunbury.

Barbour is not the only one dubbed a Craigslist killer though. The nickname gained popularity when a Lifetime movie titled Craigslist Killer aired on Jan. 3, 2011. It detailed the murders of Phillip Hayes Markoff, who lured victims in from Craigslist ads for erotic services, then robbed them. One incident resulted in murder.

An incident in Ohio involved a Craigslist killer who posted fake ads of the free site for a job on a cattle ranch. Two victims were robbed and murdered and one was shot, but managed to get away. Another Craigslist killer struck in Ohio in 2012. A man from South Carolina replied to a job ad and was met with a man and a teenager who robbed and shot him.

Earlier in 2014, another man, Grant Miren, was a suspect in the murder of his roommate that he met through a Craigslist ad. And the list goes on. Killers use the website to lure in unsuspecting victims under false pretenses. Barbour may have set herself apart from the other Craigslist killers, however, with her recent claims of being a serial killer.

In her Friday interview from jail, she claimed that the killings were not random and that she only killed bad people. She admits to killing people in different states, including her home state of Alaska, along with Texas, North Carolina and California. She claims to have been part of a cult in her early teenage years, which made if easy to cover up the murders. She told Pennsylvania’s Daily Item newspaper that she stopped counting the murders after 22.

Steve Mazzeo, police chief in Sunbury, has been in contact with the FBI and authorities in other states. The judge granted a lawyer’s request for a forensic psychiatric exam for Barbour. One had already been approved for her husband. Authorities are pursuing the death penalty for Barbour. She admits that she would kill again if released.

By Tracy Rose


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