Dinesh D’Souza Politically Motivated Federal Charges

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There are many reasons politically adding up as to what may have motivated these federal charges against Dinesh D’Souza. He has been recently indicted for violating the campaign laws donating more than four times the legal amount to Wendy Long for her campaign for a seat in the Senate. The maximum allowed for a donation is $5,000 and D’Souza allegedly donated $20,000 without dispersing any reliable sources as to where the funds came from. His bail had been set to $500,000 with a promise to find someone who would sign a bond in a week, as well as surrendering his passport, supervised pretrial regulations, and restricted travel that must be approved first. Many believe that the extraordinary punishments placed for D’Souza are a way to interfere with the release of his next film, America, and that the reason he had been charged with this crime is for payback from his film 2016: Obama’s America.

The 2016 film hit in 2012 and had expressed the change that America had wanted, but it was the change that America was not expecting. D’Souza describes how the Federal Reserve had noted that in 2007, the United States had lost 40 percent of its wealth, which was the largest fall of wealth since the Great Depression. The need for a leader to bring the country out of this economic phase was desperate. When Barack Obama was campaigning, his promises gave hope for a change that could bring a better future to America. D’Souza had pointed out in his film what those changes were, and how they were not what the people of America thought they would be.

Many of President Obama’s decisions had been pointed out in 2016. D’Souza mentions how Obama had a dislike for Winston Churchill, a life-long colonist as well as the head of the colonial office. Once Obama was elected, he had returned the gifted bust of Churchill to the British. He had backed Argentina instead of Britain over the Falkland Island dispute. He delayed the Keystone pipeline that could have created thousands of jobs, blocked the oil rigging in America but gave billions of dollars of tax payers’ money to Brazil, Columbia and Mexico for drilling. There was an increase in NASA’s budget but a decrease for their horizons by pushing away the motivation to return to the moon to reconciling with Muslims with a more modest foreign relations operation. He used force to stop the genocide in Libya but refused to stop genocide in Syria. In Egypt he supported the removal of the American ally but would not support democracy protestors in Iran. There was a refusal to take any action in order to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons, meanwhile breaks down the American nuclear arsenal meanwhile applying further reductions, leaving America vulnerable. Then, last by not least, D’Souza states that Obama had taken the Palestinian position in negotiations with Israel even though Israel has been an ally.

To expose all of these and even to go as far as to release them in a film is extremely risky. Negative exposures of Obama’s decisions could have been more than enough motivation for federal charges against D’Souza.

Throughout the documentary, D’Souza refers to Obama’s book Dreams from My Father. To better understand where Obama comes from, he travels to various locations in order to interview people who personally knew Obama’s mother and father. He had set out, determined to find the true meaning behind Obama’s ideals on what the future holds for America. After doing so, he had realized that the absence of Obama’s father had a major impact on him, which gave him the motivation to achieve what his father did not. At the time of his father’s death, he had fully embraced the third world collectivism failed by his father.

It may seem impossible to possess a third world anti-American ideology and still manage to sell it and become elected by the very people who do not believe or want it. Apparently it is possible. According to Dr. Shelby Steele, Obama took advantage of the fact that he had a white mother and a black father, so he had a familiarity with both worlds. Steele explains how America had always been full of race baiting because of its history. Presuming that all white people now are racist, since a black man is running for Presidency, this would be a good time to have documentation by voting for him proving that the white people who voted were not racist. The gratitude factor, presuming that one is not racist but must show it in order to attain that entitlement, has worked for the majority of the people who voted. According to Steele, they were racially motivated votes because at the time of the elections, nobody even knew who Obama really was or even cared to know him.

Although Steele’s statements are debatable, it goes to show how far America has come. 35 years after the civil rights movement, the people turned over the power and entrusted that into an African-American. This is an amazing accomplishment for America and has brought so many people of all races together through an understanding of how racism is fading away.

After reviewing the film, it is not hard to believe that it had politically motivated payback through federal charges on Dinesh D’Souza. A $500,000 bail for donating $20,000 to a campaign seems to be extreme. It may shake some fear into people meanwhile changing their views on how the government works considering how someone could be indicted this way for something that is perpetually harmless. The fact that D’Souza’s follow-up film is to be released on July 4th, the deterrence of the release could have been a motive as well as revenge for the negative exposure of the President.

Editorial by Brittany Varner-Miller