Down Syndrome Teen Kevin Grow Brings Three Point Touch to 76ers [Video]



Not too many feel good stories make the news on ESPN, nor make their top ten lists at the end of their shows; but Kevin Grow’s legend continues to grow within a few days of becoming the buzz on the internet. The down syndrome teen will take an opportunity of a lifetime and sign a two-day contract with the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers. Grow served as his high school basketball team’s manager all four years he has been in school, but the high school coach wanted more for their manager. The coaches for Bansalem High School decided to substitute their manager in the final two games of the season. Kevin used his three-point touch to will his way to 14 points over those final games, hitting four of his shots behind the three-point line; one of those being a buzzer beater. There may be plenty more to why the 76ers would ink the sensation for two days, but they could use a sharp shooter on the perimeter, if only for a limited period of time.

The first game Grow will join the 76ers will be their home game Tuesday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers. He will be allowed to join the pre game activities in his own tailor-made jersey, along with joining the professional team during the national anthem. It may be hard for Grow to recognize some of the team after he meets them on Tuesday, as the 76ers are rumored to be one of the most active teams looking for a trade before the deadline hits. If the trading period gets out of hand for Philly they may want to use the down syndrome teen’s three-point touch to bring home some games, Grow does have a buzzer beater in his two-day resume. With the trade deadline being only two days away, Kevin Grow may look to request his special visit with the team after Thursday has passed; to make sure at least a few of his new-found friends are still on the team through the end of the season with Philadelphia.

It is always an inspirational and touching sight to see when a professional team or athlete, take time to recognize differently exceptional people like Grow. Just not many are read where that person actually had a physical impact on the games itself. Just Kevin Grow being able to walk on to the court and make his dream come true is a special moment to hold close, but to go out there and make clutch three pointers, and even nail a game ending buzzer beater; nothing is more exciting than that. The only other way to make his dream complete is if the 76ers actually decide to allow their newly signed player to step out on the court, in-game, and let him take a shot. Now that may be long shot and a far-fetched idea when it comes to an actual professional game, but the audience following Grow have come to understand not everything is predictable and he can definitely overcome what people may consider impossible.

by Justin Huffman



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