Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler Sing Decade Duet (Video)

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler Sing Decade Duet (Video)

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler Sing Decade Duet (Video)

On the new Jimmy Fallon hosted Tonight Show Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler sang a comic “decade duet” aka, The 10 Years Song. The two actors have worked before and have proven to have an on-screen magic together. They are teaming up again to work on a new romantic comedy, Blended where they play a couple of single parents who, after a disastrous blind date, go to the same African wild life resort. The two bond while comically interacting with the locals, animals, their kids and each other. The trailer is immediately below and the video of the two singing their “10 year” song is at the end of this article.

Host Fallon started the ball rolling by reminding the audience that the 39 year-old actress had worked with Sandler before. They first worked together on the 1998 comedy film The Wedding Singer and later on the 2004 comedy 50 First Dates. While not exactly 10 years, the amount of time between each film is actually four years less than a decade, it was actually Barrymore who remarked that every 10 years they get to fall in love again. Her 47 year-old three-time co-star chose not to correct his comedy duo buddy and played along with the decade theme.

After saying, quite seriously for Sandler, that they have a “lot of fun” together Fallon asked if they would like to reveal their feelings for one another in song. Reaching behind his desk for a conveniently placed guitar all three walked to center stage and while Jimmy set the tone and strummed his instrument, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler began singing their decade duet. With Adam starting his side of the song with lyrics like, “you gave me a boner,” it was as cute and rude as it was amusing.

A heavily pregnant Barrymore kept it clean and responded to Sandler’s asking if he was better than Ben Stiller and Hugh Grant, but stopping when host Jimmy Fallon’s name was mentioned. Sandler managed to get the names of both their previous collaborations and dropped in a direct reference to their first film The Wedding Singer by singing the line “I want to Grow Old With You” which was the song he wrote with Tim Herlihy and performed in the 1998 film.

Fallon played the guitar and balanced off Barrymore’s straight man (person) act while Sander continued on the aging theme by singing that he would love Drew when her boobs touch the floor. She responded immediately with, “like right now?” Barrymore may have been “half a step flat” but Fallon and Sandler kept in key for the entire song. The two actors make a delightful double act whether they are on screen together in a film or performing live on the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show in a spontaneously rehearsed decade duet. The film, Blended which was directed by Frank Coraci and co-stars Bella Thorne and Terry Crews, premieres May 23, 2014 and looks to be on par with their previous two efforts. Both Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are bravely ignoring two acting rules, they are working with kids and animals. The two performers do have a magical chemistry together and, like their “10 year” song, may be a little off key but they still manage to delight. You can see their singing skills in the video below.

By Michael Smith