Ellen Page Coming Out Prompts Praise From Stars

Ellen Page Coming Out Prompts Praise From Stars

Ellen Page coming out as being gay has prompted several Hollywood stars to praise her bravery, and her not wanting to hide who she really is anymore. Stars such as Ricky Martin, Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family, and actress Anna Kendrick tweeted their heartfelt praise of Ellen Page upon the Juno star revealing that she is a lesbian.

During a “Time to THRIVE” LBGT conference on Valentine’s Day, Ellen Page, 26, who played a pregnant teenager in Juno, decided to announce that she’s “tired of hiding,” and “tired of lying by omission,” and then she stated that she was gay.

The “Time to THRIVE” meeting was held at a Las Vegas LBGT conference on February 14, this past Valentine’s Day. Hundreds of people were in attendance for the human rights gathering. It was made up of counselors who work with teenagers who identify themselves as being lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual or queer, or by the acronym LGBTQ.

Ellen Page, who also starred in the movie Inception, also said that she wanted to hopefully “make a difference.” She added that she wanted to “help others have an easier and more hopeful time,” and she believed that she had “a personal obligation and a social responsibility.”

Ellen Page admitted that being such a public figure made her coming out maybe even more of a struggle than it might otherwise have been for her. That’s because, as she stated, being an actress, she represented “an industry that places crushing standards on all of us.” Page said that, as much as she hated to admit it, the standards even “affected me.”

Perhaps Ellen Page was referring to, among other things, her having been previously linked as being a romantic love interest of Alexander Skarsgard, and a pressure to be seen as dating male actors or celebrities, period.

Whatever the case might be, after she finished giving her very personal and emotion-filled speech, tweets and other forms of support started coming in from Hollywood stars.

For instance, actress Anna Kendrick offered her support by congratulating Ellen Page for her “light, talent, and beauty.”

Also, actor Jess Tyler Ferguson who stars in the sitcom Modern Family tweeted that he loved “Ellen Page & the message she sent out today,” adding that it was a “perfect way to end Valentine’s Day.”

Pop singer Ricky Martin, who came out on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011, tweeted that he was “happy for her,” and also that now “You are free!”

In return, Ellen Page tweeted her appreciation for the well wishes and praise by writing that she thanked “everyone for all the love and support.”

A video of Ellen Page’s speech announcing her coming out as being gay can be seen at the Los Angeles Times website. She said that she had suffered for years because she was afraid to admit that she was gay. She told the audience at the “Time to THRIVE” gathering that she was standing with everyone there today, “on the other side of all that pain.”

Ellen Page coming out and admitting that she was gay was met with praise from her fellow actors and actresses in Hollywood, because she was moving on from being afraid of what people might think. Page was embracing who she really was, which all people, everywhere, should strive to do.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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