Ellen Page Shares Gay Secret

Ellen PageStar of Juno, Ellen Page has shared a secret: she’s gay. The 26-year-old made the announcement at Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning (LGBTQ) youth conference, Time to THRIVE in the hope that it will help others struggling to share their secret.

During the announcement, she said that she had been “lying by omission” and was “sick” of it. The Human Rights Campaign, which organizes the Time the THRIVE conference went straight to Twitter to praise the young actress for admitting the truth.

Page is most well-known for her role as the title character in Juno. The 2007 film was about a 16-year-old who finds out she is pregnant and has to make a decision over what to do with the baby. She finds a couple who are eager to adopt the baby, but there are ups and downs along the way. Ever since filming the movie, the young actress has admitted that she found it hard to just be herself, and that included the truth about her sexuality.

She has since appeared in various movies, including Inception, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio.

During the speech, Page also spoke out about the standards that Hollywood places on all the actresses and actors. There are standards on beauty and success, and she admitted to being affected by those standards; although she did say how disappointed she was in herself for that.

As Page shared her secret that she is gay, she expressed the pressure that she felt to be a certain person and act a certain way. She went on to explain how hard it has been to be herself and push back at the standards expected. However, she has watched other stars come out and decided that it was time for her to do the same. The stars who she gained her inspiration from also quickly took to Twitter to express their pride and support for the young star.

One star, ex-N’Sync singer Lance Bass, was in the audience at the time. He previously admitted that he was gay a few years ago and shared his support for the actress. He took a photo while Page was on the podium with a caption that said “We love you @ellenpage!”

People all around the world struggle with opening up to their parents, other family members and friends. Sometimes it takes a star that they admire to come out to help them gain the courage to do it themselves. Page hopes that she will give people the courage to express who they really are, and help them realize that it is a good thing to share their real identity.

The most recent announcement comes just after footballer Michael Sam admitted that he is gay. He will be the NFL’s first drafted openly gay player.

The 26-year-old actress will appear in the upcoming X-Men movie, where she will reprise her role as Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat. She previously appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006.

Page shared her gay secret at the Time to THRIVE conference and hopes that it will help many other sexuality confused or embarrassed people out there.

By Alexandria Ingham


Daily Mail

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