Ellen Page: Surprising Announcement Shows Us World Is Better Place

Ellen Page

This Valentine’s Day Ellen Page made a bold announcement and was received with nothing but love. On Friday February 14th at the LGBT Time to THRIVE conference in Las Vegas, Page told the world that she is gay.

After publicly coming out last week, Ellen Page has been showered with love from fans and fellow celebrities. Her surprise announcement has taken over the world of social media this week, with almost 200,000 tweets supporting the actress. Several celebrities, including Kate Mara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Anna Kendrick and Ricky Martin gave shout outs to Page on their Twitter accounts, further advocating for awareness and acceptance of homosexuality.

Her brave statement is not only making headlines, but also creating positive awareness for homosexuality. This 26-year-old actress who made her debut as a pregnant teenager in the 2007 film Juno, and has since been in films including Inception and XMen: The Last Stand is ready to use her fame to make a difference. Growing “tired of lying by omission” for years about her sexual orientation, Page is hoping that she can use her star power to increase awareness and be a catalyst for social change. Her message urging equality and acceptance, along with thanks towards supporters and praise for the strength of fellow homosexuals, was revealed in her speech with a resounding applause.

While the actions and speeches of gay-rights activists have gone a long way to create social change, there is still a long way to go to make homosexuality completely acceptable worldwide. Due to the Sochi Winter Games, lots of attention has been focused on Russia’s anti-gay laws, which prohibit the advocacy of homosexuality. This has caused not only homosexual Olympic athletes to feel unsafe and unaccepted at the Sochi Games, but has left a sour taste of social regression in the mouths of homosexuals and their supporters worldwide. While Russia allowed homosexual athletes to compete in this year’s Olympics, they are prohibited from advertising, promoting or advocating for their sexuality. This controversial legislation demonstrates the global need for acceptance and advocacy of homosexuality, and Ellen Page as well as several other celebrities have stepped up to the plate.

This year alone, many social figures have worked to promote awareness and acceptance of homosexuality. Of the several celebrity gay-rights promoters, vocal artists and Seattle natives Macklemore and Ryan Lewis made a change with their hit song Same Love in support of legalizing gay marriage. This song was released soon before the votes were cast for the Washington Referendum 74, which legalized same-sex marriages in Washington State. Other celebrities who have shown their support for gay rights include Lena Dunham, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and Beyonce Knowles, who have publicly made statements through social media and other media outlets for promoting homosexuality.

While homosexuality is not yet accepted throughout the world, much progress has been made recently due to the efforts of activists and celebrity advocates. With actresses like Ellen Page coming out and proudly declaring their sexuality, and the thousands of people who supported and endorsed her, it is evident that the world is becoming more accepting every day.

Editorial by Allison Longstreet



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