Erin Andrews to Replace Brooke Burke-Charvet

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Television personality-turned-dancing queen, Erin Andrews, will be once again joining Tom Bergeron for the newest season of Dancing with the Stars. The 35-year-old Fox Sports sideline is scheduled to return to the hot television program March 17th, for the first time since she competed eight years ago. Andrews will be replacing the recently departed Brook Burke-Charvet, who was let go from the show, stating that although she enjoyed co-hosting Dancing with the Stars for seven seasons, she understood the program’s need for change, and that she is looking forward to pursuing new opportunities.

Not the only longtime associate of the program to be fired from Dancing with the Stars, bandleader Harold Wheeler, along with his entire 28-piece band, has also been let go. Replacing Wheeler and his 28 piece band will be a small electronic group and sound recordings, aiming to attract younger people to the show.

Like her replacement Erin Andrews, Burke’s was a former contestant featured on Dancing with the Stars before she became co-host. News of Burke’s departure was confirmed by Dancing with the Stars Executive Producer Conrad Green, respectfully thanking the dancing model for her years of service, commending the quality work the woman had put into the show. A competitor and winner of season seven of Dancing with the Stars, Brook Burke’s  has spent years of her life in service to the ABC program, and her seemingly unexpected firing from the show surely comes as a shock to both her and Dancing with the Stars fans.

Former E! network Wild On! host Brook Burke has several other ventures that she is involved in, such as her Baboosh Baby, a company that offers wraps for pregnant women. The dancer has also proven her worth as an author, with her first book, The Naked Mom: A Modern Mom’s Fearless Revelations, Savvy Advice, and Soulful Reflections getting published in early 2011. The dancer/television personality’s book mostly features Burke’s personal reflections regarding Hollywood, motherhood and romance.

Married twice, first to plastic surgeon Garth Fisher and the second to actor/singer David Charvet in 2011. A little over a year after her marriage to Charvet, Burke announced to the world that she had undergone surgery to remove thyroid cancer. A month later in December of 2012, a new announcement from the former Dancing with the Stars co-host stated that she was fine, and that the cancer had been removed. Since her battle with thyroid cancer, Burke has been fulfilling a promise to help raise awareness about the particular cancer. The television star now sports an inch-long scar on her neck which she cleverly hides with black cover-up.

Rather than lament her release from Dancing with the Stars, Brooke Burke-Charvet has her eyes set to on a future full of opportunity, welcoming Erin Andrews as her replacement on the program. Andrews now has her chance to prove to the world that she can fill Burke’s enormous footprints, and whether she succeeds or not will become apparent starting with the premiere of the 18th season of Dancing with the Stars on March 17th.

By Christopher White


USA Today

Toronto Sun