Facebook App ‘Paper’ Good for Sochi Olympics


With an original app named Paper, Facebook is eager to make it easier for users to catch more than just their long-lost contacts. Released in the previous week for the iPhone, the app signifies an extensive reconsidering of how viewers interrelate with the social system. Instead of concentrating on a solitary “news feed” occupied with posts from several users, the application is intended to be like newsprint, with columns that pin-points on certain news subjects or benefits, such as technology, food or sports. Viewers can select to see content from up to 9+ various segments at a time from among 20 total picks. This Facebook app called ‘Paper’ is not only a news feed source, but can enhance the experience of the Sochi Olympics.

If the feed of Sports is added to the application and the Sochi Olympics is highlighted, then the whole experience of the Olympics will be extremely dynamic and at the doorstep of sensory organs automatically. Without any attempt of getting the updated information of the Sochi Olympics, all the latest news will reach the iPhone.

Speaking of iPhone, the Paper application is specially made for iPhone 5. The application is customizable with interests, so anything which is not approved will not show up. Other than reading stories, both unplanned and notable, videos are also accessible to viewers. One can also take a look at pictures in a reformatted way to give a detailed look at good resolution images. The Paper application is optimized for the iPhone 5, so it takes full advantage of the 3-D effects used for watching pictures. As per the primary launch is concerned, it’s only obtainable for the Apple’s iPod touch and iPhone; Facebook isn’t presenting the Paper app for any Android nor phones iPads.


With videos, images, and latest updates of the Sochi Olympics 2014 through this excellent application, one can get a tension free walk-through of the favorite sports with zero overhead. Not only Sochi Olympics, there can be a whole lot of other news feed to watch out for, unless one chooses to ignore them. So, this app is really good for Sochi Olympics 2014; and definitely a hassle-free way.

The upper half of the display is dedicated to a “centerpiece” region that focuses on some of the stories, cycling through images connected to each one. In the lower half of the display, viewers will find many headline cards representative of distinct stories. Viewers/readers can either choose a specific story to read by tapping on it or scan through the cards by swiping it in both directions.

If the main urge to visit the social networking site to see friends’ status information, one might be astonished at just how much better news can be found in the website. ‘Paper’ does an outstanding work of highlighting that content.

The Facebook holds a huge percentage of online presence till date and so the constant updates from the friend list will continually feed latest updates. So, if there are no updates in that social networking site, it will basically not show much of the news. Having said that, Paper can still become a good source of news when it comes to Sochi Olympics, if the Facebook friend list contains some good Sports related contacts. Do leave opinions below, if any.

By Sunando Basu

Washington Post
Time Entertainment

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