Felix Baumgartner’s Jump From His Point of View

Felix Baumgartner

October 12, 2012 was the day Felix Baumgartner managed to do the impossible.  Now see the jump as he did and experience it from his point of view. The world was awestruck as Baumgartner performed the death-defying stunt and wondered how it would have felt to be in his shoes. Though much is still left to the imagination, the new video featuring a first person view of Baumgartner performing the jump gives a glimpse of what it felt like to make the dangerous descent.

The Austrian daredevil made headlines as he accomplished a near-impossible feat and claimed several records to his name. His jump that included a free fall of an astounding 39 km/29 mil was enough to impress anyone, but that was not the only accomplishment Baumgartner achieved. He became the first ever person to break the sound barrier without any form of mechanical or vehicular support. Quite simply, he was falling at a speed which was faster than even the speed of sound. The recorded speed with which he fell was approximately 843 miles per hour, 1.25 times faster than the speed of sound. Simply watching him fall was an exciting experience, but being able to watch it again from Baumgartner’s point of view just made it all the more exhilarating.

It seems that ever since time began, man has been trying to prove that no task is too difficult and that the only restraint that holds him back is his own lack of determination. Whenever an opportunity to push the limits of human capability presents itself, there are always those who fearlessly set out to make it happen. Often examples of daring individuals performing dangerous endeavors can be seen. Someone is always trying to do the unthinkable and break free from the confines of human limitation. Be it walking between tall buildings on a tightrope or hanging from the wings of a plane several feet in the air, each is a spectacle to marvel at. Viewers are left flabbergasted as they attempt to imagine what it must really feel like to be part of such an exploit. It is not the same to simply watch someone do it but to be able to see what the dauntless see is a sensation of its own. The stunt performed by Baumgartner might no longer be a fresh memory, but to see the entire stunt from a different perspective brings back the same excitement as when it was first seen. For some, it might have even felt like actually being present when it was attempted.

Rightfully nicknamed “Fearless Felix”, Baumgartner has ensured that he be always remembered for his fearless escapades and for breaking the barriers of human possibility. Watching, or better yet, reliving the entire jump from his perspective, the world is left craving for more. Though Baumgartner has managed to leave his mark on the world, expectations of him are higher than ever before. As everyone eagerly waits for the next big thing they are left wondering, what will he do next?

By Hammad Ali


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