Flappy Bird Flies Again to New Nests Online

Flappy Bird Flies Again to New Nests Online

If any Flappy Bird fans were in fear of having lost their favorite game, that worry can be put to rest for now because the app has just moved over to a few brand new nests. At least they are there for now. Players had been crying foul when the maker of the extremely addictive mobile app Flappy Bird just took the game away from both the App Store and Google Play, all the time declaring that his creation had basically destroyed his simple way of life.

But the internet does not really have any care or patience for people when they complain, so instead of listening to the maker of Flappy Bird and his woes, instead all over the web there are now alternatives sprinkled like bird seed. There are numerous websites which are now hosting the popular game online and they are all most likely doing it without any sort of permission from the creator. One site is listed below. There are supposedly many others. All one had to do is find them and be willing to now play online, because the game is not available any longer in the app stores.

However, if an individual must have the cell phone gaming experience, the only way that is going to happen is if the person is ready, willing, and able to put down over $100,000. There is a iPhone 4s which has Flappy Bird loaded on it and is listed on eBay for $134,295. At that kind of price, it ends up making the iPhone 5s that has the game on it, which is priced for $99,999 almost seem economy.

Before the game was removed, it was reported to have been downloaded over 50 million times on the App Store alone. In an interview with the media, Flappy Bird producer Dong Nguyen stated that the game was bringing in at least $50,000 a day in advertising income. When he was on Twitter he failed to address any allegations about the number of downloads being inflated. He did deny any suggestions that he was taking down Flappy Bird because it had ended up causing a breach with any other copyright such as Nintendo has with Mario. Numerous people had been thinking why Nguyen had decided to do such a thing. Some believe it really does have to do with legal issues from Nintendo who might or might not have sent legal notifications to Nguyen about copyright infringement. It would have been allegedly due to the resemblances in the art that was shared by both Flappy Bird and Mario.

Any prior statements that had been released by Nintendo seemed to be quite a bit vague, but a Nintendo spokesperson has claimed that the gaming giant never nitpicked about Flappy Bird’s likeness to Nintendo’s original Super Mario’s Bros. game. Nguyen seemed to back that up when he wrote that by removing the game, it had nothing to do with anything related to legal issues. He stated that he just could not deal with the game anymore, that he could not keep it anymore.

So if any Flappy Bird fans were in fear of having lost their favorite game, that worry can be put to rest for now.

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