Flappy Bird, Ready for a Comeback?

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Dong Nguyen, the creator of “Flappy Bird” may have pulled the plug on the difficult, yet appealing game that took the world of gaming by storm, but the question which lingers on everyone’s lips is if the game is ready for a comeback. Because of the dozens of clones that now populate both Apple App Store and Google Play and even the Pebble Appstore, the answer is positive, although gamers still mourn the demise of their favorite pastime. However, hope is not lost just yet since the Vietnamese developer told The Verge that gamers could expect a sequel of the “Flappy Bird” sensation.

Nguyen has abruptly ended the popular game’s life, but when it disappeared, over 80 clones appeared, not only on mobile, but also on the computer and 3DS. An exchange of tweets appeared before “Flappy Bird” ceased to exist between Noah Buscher and Nguyen, in which the former asked the developer whether a HTML5 version of the game could be in plan.

“Why don’t make one for yourself?,” Nguyen asked, which not only gave Buscher the permission to adapt the game and make it suitable for computers, but also witnessed the appearance of “Free Flappy Bird.”

The free version allows people to play the game without downloading it and it works not only from a mobile browser, but also on a desktop. However, while people who kept the game on their phones decided to list them on eBay for $99,999, others try to make the best of “Flappy Bird’s” demise and came up with clones like “Clumsy Bird,” with the notable difference that the background does not look like Nguyen’s interpretation of the famous “Mario,” but seems to resemble “Angry Birds.”

“Flappy Tappy” claims to be an improved version of “Flappy Bird” in which the player does not fall as fast as in the original version and multiple tapping can propel Tappy. Seconds survived earn gamers  points and players can choose a hardcore mode with moving obstacles. Other examples which follow “Flappy Bird’s” idea are “Flappy Plane” and “Bouncy Bird,” but the clones are countless and the plots are slightly different.

3DS Version Available

Although the original game does not exist anymore, it seems like “Flappy Bird” is ready for a comeback thanks to the version which can be played on  Nintendo 3DS. The game was revived with the help of Petit Computer, a programming app which allows users to create and recreate games using an adapted version of the BASIC programming language. Everything that sat between the revival of “Flappy Bird” and its players was a series of Quick Response codes.

Now, gamers who own a 3DS can enjoy the game even if Nguyen decided to pull the plug on his creation.

Sequel in Sight

During an interview with The Verge, developer Nguyen revealed that “Flappy Bird” was worth $50,000 per day from in-app ads and was downloaded 50 million times. The game which sat atop the Google Play and App Store and gathered over 47,000 reviews cost the developer only a few nights of coding and survived because of the fact that “it happens to be something different from mobile games today.”

At the same time, Nguyen told his readers that, besides other games he has on his hands, “Flappy Bird” could have a sequel, although the timeline is still unknown. Therefore, the irrefutable answer to the question “Is the game ready for a comeback?” is “Yes.”

By Gabriela Motroc


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