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FluStudies show that it has been a deadly season for flu victims this year. According to researchers there have been more flu related deaths in younger aged adults this season than in previous years. Studies are also showing that adults within the 18-64 year-old age bracket have been less likely to fight off some of the severe and often deadly symptoms of this year’s H1N1 flu virus. Even with only a few weeks left, experts say the flu is still killing many Americans.

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California alone has seen hundreds of deaths this year caused by the flu. In past years many folks have seen the Flu do its share of killing, especially in the elderly, however this year the virus has seemed to broaden its reaches to hit a far younger and less likely candidate for death. According to the CDC over 60 percent of people admitted to hospitals this year were younger to middle aged adults, which nearly doubles statistics recorded in the last three years. Experts have also noted that in previous years small children and the elderly were at the greatest risks for serious complications from the virus.

Greg Hamill 43, Omaha Police veteran died on Friday from complications of the H1N1 only days after he was admitted to Omaha’s Methodist Hospital. He is survived by his wife Vanessa. Fellow officers remark on what a good hearted man Hamill was, and how he will truly be missed. With the death of officer Hamill, some professionals have noted that the flu is still very much active this late in the season, killing 12 others in Nebraska alone this year. One Nebraskan who died this flu season was a P.E. teacher who ended up having a heart attack after his battle with the virus. Research has been done in the U.K. showing possible correlations between the flu and heart troubles, citing that there have been many cases where heart complications resulting in death were possibly related to the flu virus as well. Some say enough for scientists to want to take a closer look.

Not only has the United States seen alarming numbers of flu deaths recently, thousands in the neighboring country of Mexico have been affected this year with over 600 deaths attributed to the virus being recorded.

Keeping Clean

Experts have recommended everyone over six months old to get a flu shot this year. Many folks have still proven to be skeptical about getting the shot. One person told reporters “I heard you can get sick from taking the shot.” Most experts agree that there are strains of the flu that that may not be covered by the shot and that it is not impossible to still get sick, however it is unlikely for one to get sick with the flu as a result of getting the shot.

Doctors recommend that washing hands often greatly reduces ones chances of getting sick. Staying hydrated and eating healthier may also be key to keeping a strong immune system.  Although this year’s flu season is still killing people, professionals say complications related to the virus are expected to die down as we near spring.

By Aaron Thompson

Omaha World-Herald
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