Giant Super Rats on the Way

Giant Super Rats On The Way

The dislike of rats is very common, so to hear that giant super rats are coming is a very scary thing. The rodents carry disease and have brought death and destruction to much of the population of Earth for all of history. Because of this, no one should be happy to know what Dr. Jan Zalasiewicz, who is a paleobiologist at the University of Leicester, believes is going to happen in the future of the planet. This week, the doctor has reported on the ambitiousness and also how hearty rats are. He states that the quickly changing Earth is soon going to be covered with colossal, greatly evolved rodents. Also like everything else that has went wrong with the planet, humans are to blame for the rats.

Human beings either directly or indirectly cause the extinction of various animal species on the Earth. These voids end up leaving large empty spots in the Earth’s ecospace system. However, nature hates anywhere there is a vacuum, and so rats are there to end up filling any of the open gaps. The rodents have endured in just about every kind of setting they have ever been introduced to. Most of the time they were right behind humans and they are very hard to ever get rid of.

But if it is a future one sees of cities inhabited by rodents that are the size they are now, that is not what Dr. Zalasiewicz states is in store. Instead, what is coming is metropolises populated by enormous, wild, crazy acting rats. The doctor believes that because the rodents have been taken to almost every single existing place that is on the planet, they are going to begin to start to evolve swiftly, in very different and strangely wild directions.

Every single island that has rats is now in its own basic evolutionary state of development, and so each of them will end up producing altered results of rodents. That means there is going to be future types of rats that will be fat, thin, heavy, slow, fast and some that will be water rats according to Dr. Zalasiewicz. The list even goes on.

The doctor also states that some of these rodent lines might even grow to the size of human adults, and end up weighing around 170 to 180 pounds. They may even become larger after that. The monster sized rats would look like something out of a horror movie but they would be very real and walking down the street. The doctor believes this is just a matter of time and that everyone needs to be ready for the rats to evolve into these size creatures.

Dr. Zalasiewicz attempts to make his point a bit more drastic. When someone wants to know what can be done about all of this to come, all he has to say in reply is basically get used to it. Humans are to blame for this and now humans will have to live with the damage of what they have done in the form of giant rats.

By Kimberly Ruble


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