Girl Scout Sells 117 Cookie Boxes Outside Medical Marijuana Clinic

Girl Scout

She might just be the smartest little Girl Scout ever… someone who really knows that having successful sales are all about targeting the right customers. A young teenage Girl Scout in California, Danielle Lei, had a major day in Girl Scout Cookie sales this week when she put up her Girl Scout cookie stand outside of the Green Cross Medical Marijuana Clinic in San Francisco, CA. The Girl Scout was able to sell 117 cookie boxes in total outside of the Clinic.

The staff and the patients of the clinic were more than happy to let Lei sell her cookies outside of the clinic, which is a licensed place where people go and use the substance for treatment. The Girl Scout sold out of her first batch of cookies boxes in less than an hour, and actually needed to call for more cookies. In two hours, she had sold her total of 117 boxes of cookies.

Girl Scouts sell a variety of cookies in late Winter and early Spring each year, with a small portion of the proceeds going to the companies that bake the cookies and a larger portion going to the Girl Scout Troops. Lei has until the middle of March to sell 1,200 boxes of Thin Mints (Girl Scouts’ most popular cookie, made of mint and chocolate), and Tagalongs (a chocolate and peanut butter crunchy cookie). Half of the money from the cookie sales this year will go to charity, specifically those which are Alzheimer’s related.

The location at which Lei sold the cookies was accepted by the Girl Scouts of Northern California, who said that it is perfectly legitimate for her to sell cookies anywhere she pleases. The Green Cross Marijuana Clinic employees were also in full support of her sales at their establishment, saying that it is obvious and not a secret that cannabis makes users hungry, so the choice to sell cookies outside the establishment was not only acceptable, but also smart.

Lei’s mother was also in support, saying that she hopes the having the sales at the clinic will teach her daughter that there is a difference between usage of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. This is not the first time Lei has sold Girl Scout cookies outside of a medical marijuana clinic, but it is the first time that the Girl Scout has been able to sell 117 boxes of cookies at one.

Not everyone is in support of Lei’s business ventures, however. The Girl Scouts of Colorado have tweeted that they disapprove and do not allow their Girl Scouts to sell their cookies outside of liquor stores and bars or marijuana clinics. Lei’s mother and her Girl Scout Troop, however, stand in support of her business smarts and her ability to sell 117 boxes of cookies. Green Cross Medical Marijuana Clinic has posted multiple times on Facebook about Lei, even going as far as to create a personal meme for her using the infamous Dos Equis man, saying that they don’t always buy cookies, but when they do, they buy them from the “genius” who set up her stand at their clinic.

By Laura Clark



Los Angeles Times


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