Girl Scout Uses Munchies to Make Serious Green

Girl Scout Uses Munchies to Make Serious Green

Girl Scout uses munchies to make serious green after setting up to sell cookies outside of Green Cross, a San Fransisco medical marijuana dispensary. After calling for a resupply after only 45 minutes, Danielle Lei of Troop 3168 sold 117 boxes of Tagalongs and Dulce de Leches on Presidents Day, earning money to support Girl Scout groups across the country and pay her dues. Her mother Carol Lei says that it is a good way for them to help their troops and to learn about the world. Although their mother does not condone Danielle or her younger sister using marijuana, Ms. Lei took it as an opportunity to teach them the different uses the drug has, as some people benefit from the medicinal properties while others simply want to get high. Green Cross was happy to host, and has even invited Danielle to come back and sell again on February 22nd.

Although many sales were generated by patients, neighbouring business owners and Green Cross employees also bought several boxes. Green Cross was glad to host, saying that they felt it was a great way to help educate the public that marijuana is not the deadly scourge it was once touted to be and help transition people into accepting its benefits. The Girl Scouts of California were consulted before the sale and said they had no issue with it, but Girl Scouts of Colorado had a different opinion. On February 9 a photo of girl scouts selling cookies outside of a dispensary, and despite the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state, the Girl Scouts of Colorado were quick to call it out as a poor example of Photoshop and remind the world that they do not condone their girls selling cookies in front of bars, liquor stores, or marijuana shops. Although there is certainly a line to be wary of allowing children into such close proximity with potentially harmful drugs such as marijuana and alcohol, when a Girl Scout uses munchies to make serious green its hard to deny the cleverness of the idea.

With marijuana legalization in nearly every headline recently, the effects of loosening restrictions on the once demonized plant have been numerous and many unexpected. Colorado expects over $100 million in marijuana sales, and children with severe grand mal seizures have been largely cured using cannabis oils. Although getting the ball rolling has been a slow process, as more and more benefits connected to decriminalized marijuana become mainstream news instead of repressed reports, it was only a matter of time before children would need to educated about the issue on an individual level. That there are parents willing to take on the responsibility of teaching their children the difference between medical marijuana use and recreational use without resorting to scare tactics and misinformation is a breath of fresh air after years of fiction and falsehoods. After this clever Girl Scout uses munchies to make serious green, unexpected beneficial side effects will no doubt start popping up in other places as well.

By Daniel O’Brien

NBC Bay Area

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