Google Play Will Lack Negative Reviews in a Reported Ruse Led by EA


EA (Electronic Arts) has reportedly found a way around bad ratings ending up on the Google Play website. One of the company’s free games, Dungeon Keeper is leaving Android phone gamers a little bit frustrated when they wish to leave their star rating feedback.

When playing Dungeon Keeper on an Android phone, gamers will be encouraged to rate the game during their gameplay by way of choosing from one of two options. One button option is marked “1-4 stars” and the other option is a button for only the “5 star” rating.

If one chooses to rate the game anything but the five star option, they are given the choice to send their comments or criticisms via email for the sole eyes of the development company. This is skewing the accuracy of how the public really feels about the game. The five star ratings though, end up on Google Play.

The game’s chief producer, Jeff Skalski came forward this week to respond to the outrage. In an interview with Tab Times, he tried to make clear that the purpose behind the rating system was merely to collect information about its users; they want to know how they are experiencing the game.

If one chooses to give the company their public opinion, they can still head over to the Google Play Store to leave their review. However, that does not seem to have left fans less annoyed.

Skalski says “We’re always looking at new ways to gather player feedback.” He went on to comment that Dungeon Keeper was first a desktop game, and most gamers will have criticisms when games first transition to mobile. He says that their commitments lie within “continuously fine tuning the player experience,” which in turn, gives them proper feedback and EA tirelessly works to perfect its games to give the user the best gaming experience possible.

While trying to change the subject, Skalski wanted to remind people that “We didn’t design this as a ‘pay to play’ or ‘pay to win’ game.” Skalski says that the majority of players are still having fun playing, regardless of what is being said online. Dungeon Keeper is a free app that a user can choose either to continue playing for free, or advance quicker by spending money.

This is not the first time that EA has received negative criticism from the public. In fact, the game company had been voted on the very popular website, Consumerist’s “Worst Company in America” more than once.

If people are still interested in downloading the game via Google Play to see what all the fuss is about, it is still available for download.

One will notice on the website that EA has literally hundreds of mobile game apps to browse through. They also have quite the hefty Facebook following with over two million likes despite the trend of negative comments surfacing all over the internet.

Google Play’s current average rating for Dungeon Keeper is 4.8 stars, with over 24,000 people giving it a full five star review.

By Katie Sevigny


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