Google Shares List of Glass ‘Do’s and Don’ts’


Google expects to release their futuristic Google Glass market wide by the end of 2014. Google Glass is a revolutionary wearable technology that impersonates something out of a James Bond film. The market has speculated their release with controversy. Amidst the speculation, Google has decided to share a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” with the public.

Google Glass is still in the beta stage of testing. The beta stage has been coined the Explorer Program. The Program consists of Google developers and people who responded to #ifihadglass. This positions Glass between civilians and experts. The technology enthusiasts are not why Google is promoting social etiquette, the reason is for unexpected reactions by people outside the Explorer Program.

A summary of Google Glass Do’s:

Look up. Glass encourages users to explore the world. Before cellphones, people noticed the nuances surrounding them. Now reading news, playing Candy Crush, or texting a friend is more important. Glass allows you to network while observing society.

Multitasking with voice commands. Take photos without searching for your camera, research your favorite athlete while watching the big game, or analyze a beer before randomly selecting that craft IPA at the bar.

Respect privacy. Not everyone wants to be a movie star behind the camera or the next viral Vine. Ask for permission before recording your next short film.

Screen lock. Google Glass is visible, people at the party can see who the early adopter of technology is. Remember locking the Glass screen, like locking your smart phone, to protect valuable information.

Provide feedback. Glass remains in beta testing until the end of this year. Polishing off this technology has been a priority for Google. They appreciate the shared content from Explorers.

A summary of Google Glass Don’t’s:
Study Darwinian evolution. Short informative tasks are the idea behind Glass. A quick Wikipedia search or Google image reference will get you an answer before the surrounding crowd becomes edgy about staring.

Wear Glass while frantically participating in “Running of the Bulls.” Glass is valuable technology and should be responsibly treated.

Fight the questions. Glass is James Bond type equipment. Watching those movies made you want to own or dangerously build ski pole gun, mini-rocket cigarette, or a rubber duck wetsuit. Embrace the questions or conceal the Glass.

Cause unnecessary drama. Demo the Glasses to interested inquirers. Do not keep your Glass on when a smart phone requires shutting down. Just because the instructions have not considered Glass does not mean rules are not applicable.

Signing up to become a Google Explorer is a simple process that can be completed in seconds. Reserved people should think twice before glassing up. The easiest process to join the Explorer program is searching Google for Google Glass.

Google’s position in the market is closer associated with software creation. For example the Android operating system and Google search engine. A step in the hardware direction with unseen technology has interesting implications. Google’s list of Do’s and Don’ts is sure to expand as Glass becomes closer to release date.

Editorial by Niles Olson

Search Engine Roundtable

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