Heroes Reborn Returns


Heroes returns to the scene for another go-round.  This exciting drama filled sci-fi series seemed to have abruptly left the air in 2010. Leaving many, yearning for more and stockpiling unanswered questions. Heroes will debut in 2015 under a new name Heroes Reborn. Heroes was a series created by Tom Kring, that chronicled the life-altering events that take place as unrelated individuals discover their superhuman abilities. Each individual is part of a grand scheme to change the world and co-exist with those that do not carry superhuman capabilities.

The series debuted in 2006 and wove a web of addictive characters. From week to week, the suspense was extremely intense and unpredictable. The amazing demand for the sci-fi hit after four years is astounding and the craving for the show to return has been insatiable. NBC has attempted to quench the thirst of the some 14.5 million viewers that tuned in for the Heroes extravaganza. During the first season alone, Heroes was retaining an average of 14.5 million viewers. The suspenseful series was ranked number one new drama and nominated for a Golden Globe for best drama series. The show was able to attain coveted awards such as: BAFTA, Award for best international series, AFI, Academy of Science Fiction, Saturn, Award for Fantasy & Horror, Television Critics Association Award for Program of the Year and two People’s Choice Awards.  Will the return of Heroes Reborn meet the same fate of premature cancellation?

How could a show with an abyss of this many awards reach cancellation so soon?  There was a substantial amount of characters the audience was introduced to over time. Every character had structure, depth, and many layers. Once the audience was shown all the layers to five or six characters, another realm of new comers would be introduced. The show would then have a tendency to re-visit characters with established layers and transform them. The character would take on a completely different persona. As if one character would be playing the role of several different individuals. In later seasons, ratings began to fall which may be an explanation for the cancellation. What seemed to be an abrupt ending may have conceivably been a strategic move in response to lower ratings.

Even though, the ratings had fallen, the series seemingly sustained a reasonable amount of viewers. The creator, Tim Kring, may have felt at that time the show had run its course. He is very detailed and has superior vision for his projects. This is highly illusive in every project he lends himself to. Tim Kring was also an executive producer on the show Touch starring Kiefer Sutherland, which only aired for only two seasons before it was cancelled. Kiefer Sutherland also stars in 24, another series that was cancelled and is set to return this summer. The resurrection of “Jack Bauer,” may play a large role in the Heroes Reborn return. The success or failure of 24 may pre-determine Heroes victory or loss.  The induction of regenerating shows with past success is not a foreign process. Similar renditions have been instituted. For instance, the return of 21 Jump Street as a movie, and the re-making of past movies into present films. Heroes Reborn will receive a healthy return from its built-in audience and hopefully draw-in new-comers.

Opinion By Ebony Waller


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New York Times

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