Heroes Return Announced During Sochi Olympics


Few television shows in the last 15 years have had the impact of NBC’s hit show, Heroes. When the show launched in 2006, it became an instant cult sensation. NBC announced in a promo during the Sochi Olympics on Saturday night that it will be bringing back the popular show in a new 13 episode miniseries in 2015.

The first volume of Heroes , known by the catchphrase, “Save the Cheerleader,” brought fans flocking to this supernatural world where everyday people possessed superhuman qualities. The series possessed a unique group of characters that fans were able to relate to. Hiro, a Japanese man with a boring desk job, always dreamed of something better. When he discovered he could bend time and space, his quest began. A thrilling journey through time, Hiro was always trying to be the hero in his own story.

Peter was another fan favorite of the popular Heroes franchise. Like Hiro, Peter always dreamed of his life meaning something more. Unlike most of the characters, Peter had to work to find his talent. Eventually, he possessed the greatest gift of all and led the crusade to save the world.

No great television show could ever be complete without a villain. Heroes had possibly the best villain of them all. Gabrielle Gray, better known as Sylar, was the villain to end all villains. He had power, drive, and a thirst for killing. Better still, though he was the bad guy, he had a cult-like following of fans who rooted for the forlorn character. Sylar’s path was not his fault, and viewers sympathized with his fate. Some booed and some cheered when he became a hero later in the series.

When NBC announced the return of Heroes during the Sochi Olympics on Saturday, it left a vague impression of what the miniseries will be. It is greatly speculated that many of these characters that we grew to love will not be major players in the upcoming miniseries. The series original mastermind, Tim Kring, will once again be the driving force behind the show. Though he does not rule out the possibility of cameo appearances by the more familiar characters, he has made his intentions clear that the new miniseries will feature brand new storylines and a host of new characters. NBC will be launching a brand new digital series prior to the show’s release in 2015 to introduce adoring fans to the new players in this supernatural game.

Fans from around the world will be both excited and disappointed with this new approach to Heroes. The series fourth season ended when “The Cheerleader” revealed her regeneration powers to the world. This will open up brand new avenues yet explored in previous seasons. Viewership of the series fell into stark decline during its final three volumes, never even coming close to matching the epic impact the show’s first season had. This new attempt at resurrection will hopefully be a return to the format that brought such early success to the show. NBC’s announcement of a Heroes return during the Sochi Olympics on Saturday night has renewed excitement toward the show. Let’s just hope the product matches the hype.

By Chris Chisam

The HDRoom

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