Houston Texans Contemplate Combine With Manziel in Mind

Houston Texans

With training camp on the horizon, the Texans will get a first hand look of what prospects they may want to consider with the number one pick in May’s draft. Many believe that they ought to be contemplating the upcoming combine with Johnny Manziel in mind.┬áLast year was a season to forget for the Houston Texans, tying the franchise with the worst win and loss record during the regular season, finishing a measly two and fourteen while ranking dead last in the AFC South division. This certainly was not the vision the front office had for Houston going into last year, with many expecting them to compete for a Super Bowl Championship.

Their offense faltered as Houston’s defense struggled to keep the Texans in games. Quarterback play was underwhelming, offensive line Houston Texanshad no cohesiveness, and their star running back, Arian Foster, couldn’t find his way out of a trainers room with back and hamstring injuries sidelining him for half of the season. As the end of February nears, the draft shenanigans begin, as Houston starts deciding on roster priorities.

The rumors have been swirling around Bill O’Brien’s new coaching staff, wondering what kind of player would fit Houston’s new scheme. Last years starter at quarterback, Matt Schaub, is almost certainly not going to be on the roster when free agency hits. With there being a scarce amount of veteran quarterbacks hitting the market, they are almost sure to look into the draft for their future signal caller. Johnny Manziel has seemed to become a fan favorite for Texans fans, and Mr. Johnny ‘Football’ himself lent a piece of advice to Houston’s front office. Manziel made it clear that if the Houston brass planned on moving past him in the draft, that they would regret their decision. He feels there is no need for Houston to contemplate their decision on who is their next franchise quarterback on the horizon; and he will be sure to prove his worth as the first pick to the Texans when the Combine occurs next weekend and during their pro days at scheduled college dates.

Houston TexansFranchise players on Houston’s roster have also voiced their own opinions of what their team should do with their first pick. Star wide receiver Andre Johnson feels they should trade out of the pick entirely. JJ Watt and DJ Swearinger have brought up the thought of drafting ‘once in a decade’ defensive end, Jadeveon Clowney. This may be a great idea pairing the rookie defensive stud with last year’s defensive player of the year in Watt. Other rumors have circled the team saying one of the other quarterbacks in the draft, like Blake Bortles, would fit Bill O’Brien’s mold of a quarterback for his new offense. These few are among many of the rumors that will be pumped through the national media before the Texans finally do make their decision on the draft.

Needless the say, the news surrounding Houston has excited the fans and has given the Houston faithful something to think about as these final few months approach, contemplating what moves their team will make. With the first pick on the horizon, each and every activity for college prospects will be as crucial as the next, as they try to impress teams like the Texans among the other top ten picks in the draft. This process is not just important for the players being drafted, but for the teams and deciding what direction they plan sending their team in years to come. After a year spent in the basement Houston is looking to smash down the door to another AFC South division title and make a statement for years to come that they plan on being contenders every year under their new leader Bill O’Brien. Looking at the upcoming combine, whether Manziel is the direction the Houston Texans have in mind or not, they are certainly contemplating the future of the team intently.

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