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 The Free Agency rumors have been quite calm in Houston as it looks like their new head coaches and front office personnel have taken a quiet approach to future transactions. The Texans’ season last year has sure been one to forget as they approach this new season with a whole new demeanor. Bill O’Brien will look to stamp his own blueprint on the team as they approach free agency and the NFL draft that will take place in May. The Texans will have quite a few holes to fill with many key players on both offense and defense having contracts up.  They must accomplish this, along with using the remaining cap they have to pick up any free agents they deem fit for their squad , and also signing their potential prospects before camp kicks off. Here at NFL Draft Daily, multiple subjects will be discussed covering all 32 NFL teams, with the Houston Texans being the first on the list.

Even though Bill O’Brien has yet to decide on the fate of his veteran quarterback, Matt Schaub, or the young talent with much left to be desired, Case Keenum; the quarterback position will be the key position to address. Whether through the NFL draft or free agency, Bill O’Brien will need to address this issue as soon as possible Draftbefore they can key in on other positions. Other big names they may potentially lose in this off-season are players like Ben Tate, Garrett Graham, and Antonio Smith. Other names that may be subject to release is someone like Owen Daniels, who along with Schaub, have a high salary cap number the Texans could look to get rid of. With the number one spot in the draft and the first pick in the others that follow in the later rounds, they may use the prospect pool to fill open positions on the roster instead of using free agency.

Some players have already been rumored to have drawn some interest from the Texans. Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Matt Cassel, has been linked to the Texans per sources. Returning to Minnesota may be more of an attractive option for Cassel, as it provides a better opportunity for the veteran to start. The Texans plan on pursuing a young quarterback in the draft, with the full intent on starting the young man while he grows in the Bill O’Brien offensive system. Other positions of need may also be the running back position if they allow Ben Tate to walk, and also if Arian Foster continues to be injury plagued. After reviewing the free agency market for running backs, the Texans would be hard pressed to find a cheap option to back up Foster. Other positions of need include offensive line, specifically the right side of the line. Too many times were Matt Schaub and Keenum running for their lives last year, and the line needs to be secured to make sure that doe not happen again. Certain offensive lineman like Roger Saffold, Anthony Collins, and “Blindside” star Michael Oher, may become solid options for Houston to take a look at as they will not command such a steep price in free agency. The NFL Draft Daily predicts the Houston Texans will look to add a solid veteran QB to back up their potential young prospect. Along with adding a solid offensive lineman, preferably a right tackle; they will look to add a back up running back worthy of carrying the load if Foster gets hurt again. There’s not too many days before the free agency and draft period casts a shadow on the league, so prepare for the fun with predictions along the way.

This article in one in a series, published daily, which provides analysis, insight, and predictions leading up to the NFL draft and beyond. 

by Justin Huffman




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