How I Met Your Dad: Greta Gerwig Cast in Ted Mosby-Like Lead Role

How I Met Your Dad: Greta Gerwig Cast in Ted Mosby-Like Lead

How I Met Your Dad will star actress, producer, and writer Greta Gerwig, and the buzz about it is already beginning. It’s sure to appeal to fans of How I Met Your Mother, which is currently in its final season, as well as attract new fans to the series.

Greta is going to play the female protagonist of How I Met Your Dad, a new series spinning off from How I Met Your Mother. She will be the female version of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), and the show will likely follow a similar format in which she dates several different men before she settles on the one who she marries and who becomes the father of her children.

In 2012, Greta received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Frances Ha. Golden Globe-nominated Greta, who has previously starred in No Strings Attached and played opposite Russell Brand in Arthur, will play the role of the main character in the series, Sally. Sally is a woman in her late twenties who, like a female version of Peter Pan, has never been fond of the idea of growing up.

The main difference between Sally and Ted — besides the fact that Sally is a female and Ted is a male — is that, in the pilot episode, Sally is already married.

She doesn’t mesh well with her newlywed husband, however, and they begin to realize that they are very different people from each other, and that they should never have gotten married.

Sally splits up with her husband, and then — with the help of her close-knit group of friends — she will go on a series of bad dates, searching for that one person who she eventually will marry who will become the father of her children.

The same duo who were the main two writers for How I Met Your Mother, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, will also write for How I Met Your Dad for CBS, assuming that the network decides to pick up the show. The talk is it’s very good and that it will be quite funny, so there’s not much doubt that CBS will pick it up.

How I Met Your Dad will shoot in New York City. Greta will be the center of the show, but to really make it work and cause viewers to want to come back every week to watch it will be how strong of a supporting cast that Greta will have. If the supporting cast is of the same caliber of the supporting cast of How I Met Your Mother, the success of How I Met Your Dad is ensured.

Sally’s circle of friends and family members on How I Met Your Dad will reportedly will often be very open with the advice that they give to her, but the advice will often not turn out to backfire and not be that good, after all.

This sort of format has been a tried-and-true one for How I Met Your Mother for nine seasons. While How I Met Your Dad will follow this same general format, it’s the hope of How I Met Your Mother fans that the individual cast members stand out as being likable and funny on their own. How well the cast succeeds in doing this will likely determine if How I Met Your Dad becomes a success or bombs.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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