Hulk Hogan to Host Wrestlemania 30

Hulk Hogan to Host Wrestlemania 30

On Monday evening, Hulk Hogan will be making his return for the first time in almost seven years to the World Wrestling Entertainment organization and he will likely be promoting the fact that he will be the official host of Wrestlemania 30. Hogan will not, however, be in the ring, with his wrestling duds on.

Instead, the Hulkster will be the host of Monday Night RAW and he will be bringing his special brand of Hulkamania, and likely high ratings, to the wrestling show. Though Hogan already declared he would be the host of Wrestlemania 30 in a statement, he will probably publicize this even further during the Monday Night RAW episode tomorrow night. Wrestlemania 30 will be held on April 6 in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the Superdome.

The WWE was less than happy with TMZ when they broke the news that Hulk Hogan was going to return to the WWE to host Monday Night RAW and about the Hulkster’s visit to Florida’s WWE Performance Center.

TMZ beat them to the punch, or bodyslam — whatever the case might be — but, if the WWE had  officially broken the big news sooner, they would have likely generated even more publicity for the upcoming hosting appearance by Hulk Hogan this Monday.

Hulk Hogan is a six-time WWE champion, who is still one of the biggest names and most popular wrestlers in wrestling history. One of the most famous moments of his entire wrestling career is when he picked up and bodyslammed fellow wrestler, Andre the Giant.

According to, besides hosting Monday Night RAW on the USA network, Hulk Hogan will also be a guest on Raw Backstage Pass at 11:05 p.m. ET.

As Hulk Hogan Indicated when he announced that he would be the host of Wrestlemania 30 in a statement, the event will be a marked with a lot of hype and it will possibly be one of the highest-rated Wrestlemanias in recent history, especially when “Hulkamania runs wild” at the event held at the Superdome in New Orleans.

Hulk Hogan made his last appearance on Monday Night RAW back in December 2007. He was there as a part of the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the popular WWE television wrestling program.

Also on hand at Wrestlemania 30 to watch the action as it unfolds and to be their to support their father will be Nick and Brooke Hogan, the Hulkster’s grownup children. Nick said in a video that his mother probably won’t be there, though, referring obliquely to the messy divorce that his parents went through. Nick also light-heartedly quipped that he might do a “mix” of Hulk Hogan’s intro music for the hugely popular wrestling extravaganza.

In related news, Linda McMahon, the former WWE CEO, is expected to be the keynote speaker at a Women’s History Month event called “Ladies Making History.” During the course of this event, the McMahon family is going to provide four women who have innovative ideas with the award of $4,000 in grants to assist them in growing their businesses.

If you’re a wrestling fan, you’ll be sure to want to tune in tomorrow night to Monday Night RAW to see the great Hulk Hogan host the program and talk about also hosting Wrestlemania 30. Are you looking forward to seeing the Hulkster, and also Wrestlemania 30? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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