Hurley Did Not Have Sexual Relations With Clinton

sexual relations with Clinton

Elizabeth Hurley did not have sexual relations with ex-US President Bill Clinton, according to the man who made up the story, actor Tom Sizemore.

The Black Hawk Down actor sent the rumor mill into overdrive when he made the claims that Hurley and Clinton were once romantically attached. The 48-year-old English model immediately repudiated what she described as ‘ludicrously silly stories’ in the US media that claimed she had an affair with Clinton while she was dating actor Hugh Grant.

So outraged by the stories was Hurley, that she told her Twitter followers she was considering taking legal action over the reports made by Radar Online. The story was subsequently followed up by British tabloid and Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper, The Sun. However, most British outlets were reluctant to reproduce the story. It comes at a time when journalistic integrity in the UK is under the spotlight, with high-profile phone-hacking cases currently being heard in the courts.

Radar Online claimed to have accessed audio material of Hurley’s ex-partner Sizemore – who also appeared in a number of critically-acclaimed films, such as Heat, Saving Private Ryan and Natural Born Killers – in which he claimed she had a relationship with Clinton. Sizemore claimed that Hurley had a three-year romance in the 1990s, while she was engaged to Grant.

Furthermore, Sizemore is said to have boasted to friends, all captured on video, that he arranged Hurley’s first ever meeting with then President Clinton in 1998 after a White House screening of his movie, Saving Private Ryan.

However, since the story went global, Sizemore has admitted to fabricating the story about a year-long affair between Hurley and former President Clinton and cited past drug use. The trouble actor, who has a history of substance abuse, claimed that Clinton even called Hurley and arranged for a private plane to collect her for a rendezvous.

Sizemore not only admitted to making up the affair, he also apologized to Hurley for any hurt, offense or damaged caused by his lies. It is unclear whether Hurley will let the matter rest or seek some kind of retribution for the false claims.

Clinton, who had a well-documented affair with intern Monica Lewinsky while in the White House – something that nearly caused him to be impeached – has yet to make any comment on the story.

The former leader and his wife, ex-US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have had to face numerous accusations of infidelity during a marriage spanning almost four decades. However, it is now known Hurley did not have sexual relations with Clinton.

Clinton and Hurley met up in 2001, although it is unclear whether that was the first time or not, when they were both present at a Santa Monica beach house party. They were also photographed together in 2005 when they both appeared at a Russian masquerade ball charity event.

Hurley, who along with Clinton is no stranger to media intrusion, has had a rather colourful love life herself. After marrying and divorcing Indian businessman Arun Nayar she then dated and got engaged to former Australian cricketer Shane Warne. The couple ended their engagement last year. Hurley can now rest assured that the world knows she did not have sexual relations with Clinton.

By Robert Shepherd




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