Ice Hockey Crowns Canadian Champions at the Winter Olympics

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Following an absolutely crushing 3-0 victory over Sweden, a deafening roar overcame the cities of Canada this morning as the Sochi Winter Olympics ice hockey tournament came to a close, crowning the Canadian men’s hockey team the champions of the day. A complete shutout from the moment the puck hit Olympic ice, the grand Canadian victory sent prideful ice hockey fans over the edge in many cities this morning, particularly Montreal, in which beloved Canadiens’ star goalie Carey Price and iron-fisted defenceman Pernell Karl Subban’s names could be heard in chanted bliss all across the city.

Skillfully defending its longtime Olympic gold streak for the third time in a row (having won the 2002, 2006, and 2010 Olympic ice hockey tournaments), the Canadian men’s ice hockey team’s easy domination of its Swedish competitors was a sight to behold. With a practically impregnable defence and an otherworldly goalie, the Canadian men’s ice hockey team channelled the true essence of Olympic spirit for their final Olympic matchup earlier today. Canadians Sidney Crosby (decorated captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins), Jonathan Toews (captain of the Chicago Blackhawks), and Chris Kunitz (alternate captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins) each managed to break their 2014 Olympic no-goal streaks at the perfect time, pressuring the Swedish defence into submission.

Led by head coach Mike Babcock of the Detroit Red Wings, the Canadian men’s ice hockey team had dominated each group of competitors it had been pitted againstĀ  – save perhaps the Canada vs. U.S. game, which was a close match with a final score of 1-0 – since the start of the Olympic tournament. The Canadian team’s flawless coaching, determination, unmatched ability, and all-star lineup crowned the impressive players Winter Olympic champions, bringing pride and honour home to the great north.

Missing key player Nicklas Backstrom due to allegedly failing a doping test, a seemingly inferior display of will and skill were key factors in costing the Swedish Olympic men’s ice hockey team their chance for gold. Missing a chance to score early on and repeatedly failing to capitalize on power play opportunities, the Swedish team’s inability to focus and get in the game couldn’t have come at a worse time, disappointing their homeland fans in the championship game. Exhibiting an otherwise powerful Olympic performance at the 2014 Sochi Games, the Swedish men’s ice hockey team will no doubt be a hot contender for the Pyeongchang 2018 winter gold.

Interestingly enough, only four members of the Canadian’s 26-man roster are actually associated with Canadian teams in the NHL, with the Montreal Canadiens and Vancouver Canucks having two members each to represent them on Russian Olympic ice.

Once again establishing itself as home of the world’s true stick-handling titans, Canada has seized all the Olympic ice hockey glory possible at the Sochi 2014 Winter Games, with both the men’s and women’s Canadian teams grabbing up the Olympic gold. With standout players such as Carey Price, Sidney Crosby, Jamie Benn, and Rebecca Johnston, there was never any doubt that the Canadian teams would be crowned champions, taking home Olympic gold.

Editorial by Christopher White

Edmonton Journal

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