Immigration Overhaul Fails

On this Thursday, February 6, 2014, GOP House Speaker John Boehner confirmed that Congress failed to pass the nation’s immigration overhaul, and it will be tough to achieve any immigration agreement prior to the midterm November elections.  Ever since President Obama’s address to the union last week, he has made the immigration legislation his foremost priority.  However, Boehner is doubtful on the President’s progress of his comprehensive immigration overhaul. Boehner asked President Obama to seriously consider the immigration overhaul as an important concern.  The immigration overhaul has failed because of divergence and the party divide.

Deputy Director of America’s Voice, Lynn Tramonte, said that the immigration overhaul is the responsibility of the Republicans in the House and they should be taking initiative on it, instead of blaming Obama, as it has nothing to do with Obama.  Tramonte advocates for immigration reforms.  Furthermore, the Republicans are not legislating immigration laws because they are frightened of the consequences that will follow.  The immigration reforms of 1986 allowed millions of illegal immigrants to obtain legal status in the United States.  However, the reforms raised border security concerns.  The immigration overhaul fails to get any sanctions in D.C.

Jay Carney, the White House Spokesman, said the House will not be passing any immigration legislations due to divide and discrepancy on the subject, and undoubtedly these are the issues of the Republicans in the House, not Obama.  Additionally, according to Boehner, the Obama administration cannot be trusted for the enforcement or implementation of immigration laws, and this is a critical phase of getting any legislation on immigration from Congress.  Thus, Congress fails to pass any legislation on immigration.  When talking about Obama, he should not be blamed as in 2012; he already allowed millions of unlawful immigrants to gain legality through his DREAM Act.

Moreover, according to majority head, Harry Reid, even if the immigration bill passes one stage of the House, it will fail in the Senate.  Therefore, there is a distinct divergence in Washington regarding the immigration overhaul.  Around 40 percent GOP are against immigration reform.  Republicans basically do not want any legislation to pass this time; they do not want to lose the 2016 election.  Democrats, however, want the immigration reform prior to the midterm November elections.  The immigration subject continues to be unsettled and seize attentiveness throughout the United States.  Bob Dane, communications director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, told that Congress should force Obama to operate on the reforms and stop him from abusing presidential power.

Obviously, the Congress fears to grant more than 10 million undocumented immigrants, which is why it is not acting upon the immigration laws.  The Republicans do not want the Latinos to crowd in the Congressional districts and then lose votes.  However, the Democrats do want to include millions of the undocumented so they can get rights and legal status. The other factor stopping the passage of legislation on immigration is border security, allowing millions to get citizenship threatens the border security of the United States.  This divergence of views on the immigration overhaul will not be settled in the current year. Getting the Congress to pass any bill is difficult, thus the immigration overhaul fails this year.

By Iqra Amjad


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