iPhone 6 Behold Apple’s New Take on a Classic

iPhone 6iPhone is just about a household name and whenever a new one is scheduled for release full-grown adults get as excited as school children at Christmas and start marking their calendars for the approaching day. Well, now they have a new reason to line up in front of Apple stores nationwide this year, behold; iPhone 6 coming to you in 2014. That is the official word on the latest Apple phone’s release; however, no exact date has been set.  Apple is notorious at keeping people guessing on when and where it’s latest and greatest gadgets will be available. Albeit, they are letting out a few tidbits of information and changes to this latest model, the iPhone 6, so let’s take a look at what changes are coming and why you should get ready to trade in your 5 for the 6.

The one new feature that is really getting attention is its sapphire screen and while Apple has been using sapphire for smaller surfaces on other iPhones this will be a first for the entire screen. Sapphire technology is a durable virtually scratch proof surface that can also withstand shock damage; sapphire is the second only to the diamond in the hardest material category. In the past it has been a cost point, which is why it mainly found its way on to camera lens covers only. How it’s made is pure science, super thin layers of sapphire are laid over one another, sheets thinner than the hair off a human’s head.

The downside to the sapphire screen is possible high cost. Sapphire material can be almost ten times more expensive to produce than that of Gorilla glass, the current leading scratch-resistant material used on other smartphones. That is a cost that is sure to be rolled up in the final iPhone 6 price tag. As with most electronics, the overall cost is more than likely to dwindle over time, but that will not keep most Apple enthusiasts from storming the gates at release time.

That improvement alone may be enough for die-hard Apple users to go tossing their 5 in the trash for the iPhone 6 but there is more to behold and entice even the most stubborn Android user to come over the Apple side. The new iPhone boasts a 10MP camera that will have a resin filter that will replace the hybrid filter supplying cleaner, sharper images than ever before.

The iPhone 6 will also feature a giant Retina+  IGZO display with possible gesture control. The sharp Retina+ display would boast 1080p HD resolution. There are rumors abound that Apple will introduce two screen sizes as well to compete with Android phones that have used larger screens as their selling point. The same report suggests that Apple will be releasing multiple iPhones over the course of the year, but there is no official confirmation on this.

Apple’s new take on the classic iPhone is truly something to behold. Time and time again Apple has managed to create simplistic and beautiful technology then turn around and make it even better year after year. The iPhone 6 is sure to be no exception.

By Adam Stier

International Business Times
Malaysian Digest

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