J.K. Rowling Wishes Hermione Married Harry

In a stunning turnaround for all fans of the beloved Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling announced that she wishes that Hermione had married Harry, and not Ron Weasley. Although this confession does not change the actual content of the books, it certainly has some scratching their heads.

After all, Rowling wrote the series. If she wanted to play matchmaker in a different way, why was that not accomplished during the writing stage as opposed to in the “this marriage has already been cemented into the minds of hundreds of millions,” stage?

The way Rowling explains it, the decision was never truly easy. In an interview for Wonderland magazine with actress Emma Watson, who played Hermione in the films, Rowling explained her position. From the onset of the series, she wanted to pair Hermione and Ron, and she envisioned that as a crucial part of the plot. While developing the series, the author claims that she desperately wanted this fictional relationship to work out.

However, given the gift of retrospect, Rowling announced that the marriage would have been ill-fated and that Ron and Hermione are too dynamically different to have been forever lovers. In fact, she went as far to say that the two would have needed counseling to have kept their marriage together.

But then what would have happened to Hermione? Well, the simple answer is that she would have married Harry instead. The question that is apparently on no ones minds is, what would have happened to poor Ginny Weasley, the somewhat more minor character who is the younger sister of Ron and the wife of Harry Potter?

Apparently all this matchmaking was quite difficult for J.K. Rowling. She wishes that if she could rewrite the whole series, the Hermione and Harry would be married on the basis that it just makes sense. According to Rowling, she wrote the books as is without the same level of consideration for the literary impact of the marriages she created. Apparently, the personalities of her lead lovers would not have worked out together.

These revelations have been felt all across social media. On Twitter, fans have announced their complete displeasure with Rowling’s announcement, suggesting that Ron and Hermione were meant to be. Others have quipped that the old wedding adage “speak now or forever hold your peace,” should have been listened to 7 years ago.

It is understandable that the shocking turnaround has garnered such intense reaction. After all, it is the best-selling book series of all time with somewhere around half a billion copies sold. With such a large and devote following, a major strike to the plot, as Rowling’s announcement has been, is a little jarring for many.

Whether or not readers would have better enjoyed or better believed a different romantic outcome will of course never be seen. However, it is interesting to speculate the different arc in the story line had Harry popped the question and married Hermione. To some degree, the announcement may come as a relief to many. As J.K. Rowling is one of the most prolific authors in all of history, it must require a great deal of humility to admit such a major fault. Either way, fans can rest assured that her wishes will not be released and the books are most certainly final, and permitting some time travel spell, they will stay that way.

By Brett Byers-Lane

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