Jennifer Lopez Starring in NBC’s Shades of Blue

Jennifer Lopez is starring in the upcoming cop drama Shades of Blue.  NBC has recently picked up 13 episodes of Shades of Blue. The new series will be added to the endless rotation of cop dramas.  Lopez will portray a police detective that is a single mother by the name of Harlee McCord.  McCord is recruited to the FBI’s anti-corruption task force to work undercover.  The series will entail her journey to bring down the fellow police officers that help in raising her daughter.  McCord’s dilemma will come into play as she struggles morally investigating the people she has grown to know as family.  Lopez also will play the role of executive producer alongside Benny Medina and Ryan Seacrest to name a few.  The NBC series is set to air during the 2015-16 television season.

Jenny from Block moves at the speed of light when it comes to her entrepreneurial spirit.  Fashion design, perfume, music, dance, movies, sitcoms, the list seems as though it is never ending.  It could appear that taking on the risk of yet another crime show may be a bit shaky.  The drama is not set to air until 2015.  Monumental things affecting the masses could occur within the next year.

The infusion of crime television may possibly be at its peak.  There are only so many different ways a stressed detective can be portrayed. Not to mention the fact that the audience may not be willing to accept J Lo as a detective.  Money Train and Angel Eyes were a bit of a stretch.  The story line of Shades of Blue on the other hand appears to go into some depth, but again, will the audience give the story line the time it needs to grow.

Jennifer Lopez starring in the NBC upcoming series is very ambitious.  Lopez seems to receive these channeled ideas and go through with them no matter what the outcome.  For instance marriage, yes, a low blow, but it carries some truth in the matter.

She has backed herself in this situation with an arsenal of top-notch producers (Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Benny Mendina, Nina Wass,  and Ryan Seacrest).  Hopefully the series is not relying on Lopez’s acting ability and sheer star power.  The show will need monolithic extras in order to compete with Dick Wolf’s franchise.  The former fly girl does not seem the type, at this time in her career, that is willing to be overshadowed by an individual with more appeal in criminal genres.  This may also be a faulty element that potentially could plague the show.

Lopez’s series success is good to add to a resume but not one to stake high hopes on.  The roles on In Living Color, South Central, Second Chances, Hotel Malibu, How I Met Your Mother, and American Idol are not screaming long-running television series.  American Idol literally screams loudly in that department, but that is a show with an established built-in fan-base.  Whether Lopez comes or goes, the show maintains ratings solid enough to continue on to another season.  Jennifer Lopez creating and starring in Shades of Blue will be the continuing pulse or the complete death of the series.  The in-between will most likely cease to exist.

Editorial By Ebony Waller


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