Jennifer Lopez to Go Back to Acting, Ryan Seacrest Joins Her


Jennifer Lopez goes back to acting after she sealed a production deal on Friday with Ryan Seacrest, who will be joining the actress as an executive producer of his first drama project. Shades of Blue is set to have 13 episodes and will appear in 2015 on NBC. Ryan Seacrest Productions is co-producing the series along with Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions, but the team also welcomed Adi Hasak as writer and executive producer. Hasak is best known for co-writing 3 Days to Kill, so NBC has already high expectations of Shades of Blue.

The collaboration between Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Lopez is considered a breakout for the former, who is mostly known for his hit, Keeping up with the Kardashians, but also a chance for the singer to go back to acting. The story depicts a single mother and FBI agent Harlee McCord (Lopez) who is called up to work undercover for the anti-corruption division. Harlee, a dirty cop herself is caught between doing her job and working against her colleagues who help her raise her daughter. The series will focus on the moral dilemma that Harlee must overcome in order to do her job.

Adi Hasak has also been attached to this project and he will join a team consisting of Seacrest and his executive Nina Wass, Lopez, her executive Elaine Goldsmith Thomas and manager Benny Medina. The drama will be broadcasted during the 2015-16 season and is produced by Universal Television, Ryan Seacrest Productions, Nuyorican Productions, EGTV and H’s Films. Shades of Blue is seen as Jennifer Lopez’s chance to go back to acting and add a serious role to her lightweight portfolio and Ryan Seacrest expressed his excitement to have joiner her.

Seacrest stated that when Lopez’s team approached him and his company, “we jumped at the chance to collaborate with such amazing partners.”

Ambitious Comeback

Jennifer Lopez has been casted as Harlee McCord, and NBC network is optimistic when it comes to her talent, although there are voices that utter her portfolio does not include such complex roles.

“Whether it’s producing, acting or any of her other many entrepreneurial activities, Jennifer is an extraordinary talent and life force and we’re delighted to be in business with her,” Jennifer Salke, Entertainment President for the NBC network said.

The network also emphasized its excitement with regard to Lopez’s decision to go back to acting, and the fact that Ryan Seacrest will be joining her as an executive producer is a plus. NBC expects the actress to deliver “this complicated character in a vivid way that will breathe new life into the cop show genre.”

Seacrest also expressed his enthusiasm with regard to Lopez’s role and to the ambitious, powerful script.

Ryan Seacrest Productions marks its first drama project sold after scripting comedy Mixology for ABC, but Nuyorican Productions welcomes Shades of Blue in a more diverse portfolio which contains The Fosters and South Beach Tow. The drama series marks Jennifer Lopez’s decision to go back to acting and Ryan Seacrest’s will to join her and distance himself from his hit reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians.

By Gabriela Motroc


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