Jessica Eye Fight Still Scheduled for February 22

Jessica Eye

Jessica Eye still plans on fighting on February 22 in Las Vegas, Nevada against Alexis Davis. Eye is an American athlete who competes as a mixed martial artist for the Ultimate Fighting Championship also known as the UFC. Eye is a fearless competitor having won nine of her last 10 fights. The most recent fight against Sarah Kaufman last October appeared to be win number 11. That is until the recent decision of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation which overturned the win decision to one of “no contest” following what appears to be a positive drug test result.

It was odd enough that the ruling came so long after the fight in which Eye was being penalized. Initially there was wide speculation as to what drugs were found in Eye’s urine sample. There was no information offered by the ruling body in Texas at the time of the announcement as to why the decision had been made. To add fuel to the fire, it was a weekend so offices were closed for two days before more information could be confirmed. Following the weekend the story began to take a life of its own and began to mimic something out of a Scorsese movie.

It was reported Eye tested positive for blood thinners, a banned substance for UFC fighters. In spite of the ruling Eye was given a “probationary suspension,” which essentially means she will be able to compete in her next fight scheduled for February 22 against Alexis Davis, who according to most insiders is no deer in headlights, and considered to be “one of the toughest 135 pounders in the world.”

Keeping with the unusual developments of this story the most recent reports state the prohibited substance to be “cannabinoids,” better known as marijuana that was found in Eye’s urine sample. Whatever the case, Eye’s fans could care less. Insiders say fans are not turned off by the decision or the reasons for it because neither drug is considered to be performance enhancing and therefore diminishes nothing Eye has accomplished in the ring. In the process Eye has managed to win over a few who are not typical UFC fans. Reportedly thousands posted the hash tag “Eye Believe” in a show of support.

Eye and her training camp became aware of the overturned decision after a successful training session two weeks before her next scheduled fight on February 22. Eye has admitted to making mistakes in her career but says there is nothing she would do to jeopardize her career or her character. Reports say Eye is currently fighting to get the overturned decision of no contest back into the win column.

Reportedly when not training Eye utilizes much of her time visiting her father who is being treated with chemotherapy and radiation for cancer. Eye’s father in spite of his own personal battles is one of Eye’s biggest supporters. He was quoted as telling her to ignore the primadonnas, saying, “Don’t worry about them. The only thing you worry about is your still scheduled fight against Alexis Davis. If you’re fighting that’s all that matters.”

By Wendy Waring


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