Jesus Was a Shape Shifter?

Jesus Was A Shape Shifter?

In March of 2013, reports started to take over news headlines about a newly decoded Egyptian text, which dated back nearly 1,210 years that controversially defined Jesus as being able to change his shape, or in other words being a shape shifter. Yet just as fast as the story made its rounds over the major news sites all over the world, it up and vanished. It has hardly been mentioned since that time. People want to know why the research that surrounded such a text drifted into obscurity.

The antique text was written in the Coptic language and told a portion of the crucifixion story of Jesus with plot twists. There were themes written about that had not been seen before. These have now been exposed due to a translation which was created by Roelof Van den Broek, who works at a university in the Netherlands, and has published a book which talks about the life and passion of Jesus.

The book supposedly explains that in the prehistoric text it tells exactly why Judas used a kiss to betray Jesus. According to the Bible, the apostle Judas betrayed Jesus in exchange for receiving 30 pieces of silver. He gave Jesus a kiss in order to identify Jesus, which lead to his arrest. The ancient text also speaks of Pontius Pilate, who was the judge that sanctioned Jesus’ crucifixion and the disciples having dinner with Jesus before he was crucified. It stated why Judas decided to use a kiss against Jesus. It also stated that Jesus was arrested on Tuesday night instead of Thursday evening, so that is information that violates the Easter timeline.

This apocryphal story stated that shape shifting was the real reason Judas had to kiss Jesus. The Jews asked Judas how they would arrest Jesus, because he did not have one single shape but his appearance changed.

Van den Broek stated that he was not actually proposing that Jesus was in fact a real shape shifter but that some individuals that lived in the early Christian days believed he was. This text about Judas was only one of 55 Coptic manuscripts that were discovered in the early 1900’s by village dwellers who were searching for fertilizer where the destroyed Monastery of the Archangel Michael was located in Egypt.

During the tenth century, there were monks who had hid the manuscripts in a stone vault. The monastery has stopped operations in about the 10th century, and the texts were found. In December of 1911, they were bought by American investor J.P. Morgan. The collections and texts are now kept in the Morgan Library and Museum in New York. It is believed that the text were not fakes but genuine items printed by an esteemed scholar by a distinguished academic press. With all this, why has there not been any further discussion or research among scholars or even scientists?

The text even read that Pilate prepared a table of food and he ate with Jesus on the fifth day of the week. Jesus blessed Pilate and his entire house, read a portion of the text after being translated. Pilate also supposedly later told Jesus that he would give the arresting party the only son I have so that they can kill him instead of you. After this, in the text, Jesus was said to comfort Pilate, telling him he was deemed worthy of great grace. Supposedly then Jesus showed Pilate that he was able to escape if he wanted to. It stated that Jesus had become invisible and that Pilate was unable to see him for a long time.

Van den Broek explained that he was surprised that whoever penned the text changed the date of Jesus’ Last Supper with the apostles, and also his arrest to a Tuesday. Christians in the present day celebrate this entire event from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. Van den Broek wrote that the Bible had already become sanctified in the fifth century, but of course there were both legendary stories and books which stayed popular among Christians of that time.

Van der Broek also added that he found it hard to believe any of the new ideas actually occurred. The people who lived during that era, even if they had received decent educations, failed to have any type of serious historical understandings. They believed that miracles happened, and that the older stories were true.

So back in March of 2013, reports started to take over news headlines about a newly decoded Egyptian text, that dated back nearly 1,210 years that controversially defined Jesus as being a shape shifter.

By Kimberly Ruble


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