Jimmy Fallon, Finally!

Jimmy Fallon

Yes, it has happened, and now the world can finally unclench their collective sphincters, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! The masses of Jimmy Fallon fans are in a delighted tizzy about his new gig hosting “The Tonight Show”. As Jay Leno’s ghost departed the coveted time slot, Fallon and his team were preparing to hit the stage with a mega bang! He did not disappoint and his opening show on Monday night was a smashing success! Will Smith guested along with Jimmy’s pals Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert making special appearances. U2 rocked the house along with House band The Roots. The wait is over for Jimmy Fallon addicts finally and it couldn’t have happened fast enough or at a better time.

Fallon has been on the comedic scene for well over a decade and in that time he has managed to win over audiences all over the world with his eclectic and quasi unique brand of humor. After his long stint hosting ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’, he was the perfect replacement for Leno. He has managed to breathe new life into the long running NBC evening show. As this article goes to publication, Jimmy will have hosted his third show and to say he has gotten rave reviews would be a shameful understatement.

Jimmy FallonNeither Conan O’brien or Jay Leno managed to see their viewership go up in subsequent nights as Jimmy Fallon has. He has managed to even tick up views from the 18-49 demographic in his second to third night. Amazing to say the least. Fallon has a genius knack for combining hilarious musical skits with popular personalities, add that to his awesome demeanor and bounce heavy band you end up with T.V. magic. Not only did Jimmy manage to take the new 11:30 weeknight slot by storm, he even bought along his incomparable house band The Roots to help him keep things lively. With a boyish yet graceful aplomb, Jimmy Fallon has finally arrived to resounding acclaim!

Fallon is so hot right now, that he managed to beat out both his network rivals Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman in that time slots ratings window. Fallon has decided to keep doing what he did on Late night and it looks like it just might be a formula for unprecedented success. As this is just the talented’s host first week out, it remains to be seen just how well he will do in the long haul. From all appearances it certainly doesn’t seem as though Mr. Fallon has much to worry about. If he continues to deliver the funny and provide interesting couch sitters for his cheeky interviews, then we will continue to be treated to a rollicking good time while he is on the air.

Positive reviews are continuing to pour in calling ‘The Tonight Show, with Jimmy Fallon’ “fresh and vibrant” and noting Fallons easy likeability. As Fallon prepares to close out his first week hosting ‘The Tonight Show, with Jimmy Fallon’ (it even feels good to type the title!) audiences everywhere are preparing to get their comedy groove back. Check out the adored Jimmy Fallon in the video clips to see why it is finally safe to let your hair down again and really laugh out loud!

By Mai Nowlin

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