Johnny Quinn Breaks Door to Escape Sochi Bathroom

Johnny Quinn

Johnny Quinn, a member of the U.S. bobsled team in the Winter Olympics, was forced to break down his bathroom door to escape after it was jammed shut in his Sochi hotel room. After showering, Quinn, who was alone and without a phone in the bathroom, found himself in a pickle when he was locked in the shower with nothing. So he charged at the door with all his might and he successfully crashed through, leaving a large hole in the door.

“My neighbors are my two other teammates on the bobsled, so I was banging on the wall, trying to get their attention and — nothing, nothing,” Quinn explained about how nobody responded to his calls for help. Johnny Quinn then found that his door could be broken down after he forcefully hit it, as the shoddily-made door cracked. “So I go a little bit harder and my fist goes through the door. So I see light and I’m like, “Okay, time to get out of here now.”

“I was just excited to finally get out of there. Once I got out of there and put a towel on, I looked back at the door and said “Oh man there’s a giant hole in there. I might get in trouble for this,” Quinn told reporters. After he broke the door down, Quinn then quickly went down to the front desk of the hotel to explain what happened. The door, said to be cardboard-like, was replaced by the hotel soon after.

It may have been his tough Texan roots that enabled Johnny Quinn to break down the door, as he escaped the unfinished Sochi bathroom. The 30-year-old Texan athlete began bobsledding in 2010, and he impressed the bobsled team with his great speed and acceleration.

Johnny Quinn may now be growing in his fame as a bobsledder, but he has a background in the NFL. Quinn was a practice squad member for the Green Bay Packers and for the Buffalo Bills as a wide receiver. Sadly, a knee injury forced him to give up football, but he soon after tried out for bobsledding and made the U.S. team.

Quinn’s escapade only draws closer attention to the unfinished hotel rooms in Sochi that have become one of the hottest topics from the Winter Olympics. The Russian government spent the most money ever for any Olympic event for the Sochi Winter Olympics. However, unfinished construction on hotels has impacted many members of the media and some athletes.

Construction of many hotels in Sochi was rushed in order to complete the large amount of work left to do. There have been many documented problems for guests in Sochi hotel rooms. Examples of hotel problems include undrinkable water, stray animals wandering around, and broken appliances. Quinn’s jammed bathroom door that locked him in may also have been a part of this rushed and shoddy construction in Sochi that is gaining worldwide attention.

Johnny Quinn’s entertaining story of  breaking his door down to escape his bathroom in Sochi looks to have made him the first social media hero of the Olympics. But Quinn will soon have to leave behind his now famous tale of destruction because his bobsledding team begins its event next week.

By Glen Parris


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