Julia Roberts Factor in Nancy Motes Death?

Julia Roberts

Is Julia Roberts a factor or the main nail that sealed the death of Nancy Motes?  Motes is the half-sister to the Oscar-winning actress.  She was surrounded by an arsenal of celebrity.  Her brother, Eric Roberts, has received multiple Golden Globe nominations through the years.  Following suit, Emma Roberts, Nancy Motes’ niece, is currently starring in American Horror Story.   Nancy Motes took her own stab at Hollywood by working as a production assistant on the hit television show Glee.  Behind the scenes of this high-calibered success was a growing family rift.  Is it this family rift that led to the events that took place Sunday?

Ninemsn reported that Motes was at a Los Angeles residence pet-sitting when her body was found in a water-filled bathtub.  Her fiance, John Dilbeck, discovered her body at approximately 2 p.m.  Motes was pronounced dead at 2:12 p.m.  Captain John Kades, Coroner for L.A. County, stated that prescription drugs were found at the scene.  At this time, a full autopsy has been performed and neither accidental nor suicidal overdose can be eliminated.  The New York Daily News indicates that a five-page suicide letter was recovered from the residence.  “There were three pages of rantings that her sister drove her to do this. There was one page to her mom, telling her how much she loved her, and one page apologizing to (her fiancé John Dilbeck).”

Tensions reportedly arose between Roberts and Motes because of a “tell-all interview” released several months ago.  The Daily Mail has reported that it was not only Roberts that cut ties with the ailing 37-year-old but her mother, Betty Lou Motes, as well.  This has led to speculation that these divisions in family ties may have contributed to the death of Nancy Motes.  Before undergoing gastric bypass surgery, Nancy Motes alleged that Roberts made “not so nice” comments about her weight.  In the weeks preceding her death, she posted several tweets presumably directed towards Roberts.  On Jan. 19, Motes posted tweets seemingly directed towards her sister.  One of the tweets stated “Do you really want to be a fan of someone so cruel? She’s not even that good of an actress.  Happy you totally f***ed me?”

Was this just an accident or an intentional ultimate pain infliction upon Roberts?  It’s saddening to lose yet another life over a possible prescription overdose.  More saddening is that the  focus is directed to spotlight and celebrity rather than  human life.  It has been well documented that Motes underwent gastric bypass surgery and slimmed down from 300 pounds to 155 pounds.  Could that surgery have contributed to further health problems?

Nancy Motes has made headlines because of her family relations.  Was it competition amongst the siblings in the Roberts family that proved to be unbearable?  Did childhood banter escalate into adulthood?  Through battles with obesity, depression, and prescription drugs, was the Roberts family truly there to help pick up the pieces?  The answers to these questions may never be answered, but a person warring any type of suicidal demons has every right to be helped.  Sometimes, with no help, childhood wounds transform into adulthood scars that never heal.  Julia Roberts may have been one factor in the web of Nancy Motes’ permanent solution to temporary problems.  When looking for a permanent solution that is irreversible, there is always more than one factor.

Editorial by Ebony Waller

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