Julius Malema Will Fight the Provisional Sequestration Ruling

Julius Malema

A Pretoria High Court Ruling placed political party leader Julius Malema under provisional sequestration on Monday and defiant as ever, he vowed to fight this ruling.

Julius Malema the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) political party had been under attack by the South African Revenue Services (SARS) for unpaid taxes amounting to R16 million.

The sequestration ruling could hamper Malema’s political career and ambitions to serve in Parliament. Malema is the EFF’s presidential candidate, and under the law of the country, is eligible to stand as an MP but with serious complications.

The high court ruling has scheduled a hearing for May 26, and the provisional sequestration could be made final. Malema must give reasons to the court why this hearing should not be made final. In the event of the sequestration order being made final, then he would face some political complications and can lose the status of MP.

The EFF have claimed the provisional sequestration against Julius Malema is part of an agenda to silence him. EFF Spokesperson Mbuyisene Ndlozi said in a statement that SARS is used by people in the ruling party who are afraid to face EFF participants in the election to end his career in the political arena.

The EFF launched its political party last year, and Malema merrily sang the theme of land reform and nationalization of mines and banks, without compensation to the impoverished black voters. He voiced his frustration at the slow pace of change in the new democratic South Africa. Malema continues to express his perceptions of corruption among the governing party.

Malema will fight the provisional sequestration finding and the party spokesperson said that they would appeal the decision. Malema and anybody who did not want the provisional order to be made final have until May 26 to give reason against the ruling.

Julius Malema said that SARS could not stop him or his party from going to Parliament. He said there is no SARS that can be used to stop him and the EFF. Malema said SARS does not vote for people to go to Parliament; it is the people who vote.

Julius Malema is a fighter and will continue to express his fiery radical comments to the people who love his communistic prospects and promises of a better future. He is loved by people around South Africa who want the land and resources for free. Perhaps his political ambitions will change once he is elected to parliament.

SARS has successfully sequestrated people in the past for unpaid taxes, and Julius Malema is no different. SARS is the income hub of the country and taxes are needed to supplement the government and service deliveries around the country. Without the taxes, there would be no money for the country to function properly.

The general election is set down for May 7 and should Malema gain a significant number of votes, then the High Court hearing on May 26 could cause a stir and finalize the sequestration that will have complications for him.

The court hearing could stop Malema’s political career from ending, but the constitution will prevent him from serving as an MP. The ruling is that any person placed under sequestration cannot serve in parliament until they are rehabilitated. The timing is not in favor for Malema, and the woes of unpaid taxes rearing its head during the campaigning for the elections is a large setback form the feisty Malema.

Julius Malema will fight this sequestration with all his might and no doubt rally support to bolster his political life. Perhaps his close friend Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, will bail him out of this one and give him the money to pay the unpaid taxes.

By Laura Oneale





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