Justin Bieber Sex and the Single Pop Star

Justin Bieber Sex and the Single Pop Star

While Justin Bieber has been getting more than his fair share of bad press lately he hasn’t let that stop him in the romance department, if his love life was a movie it could be called Sex and the Single Pop Star or The Good, The Bad, The Strung Along. There is no doubt about it, the 19 year-old Canadian performer is; under all the media frenzy that follows his every move; a normal teenage boy. His recent bad boy “meltdown” has been coming for some time now, but, this downward trend has not put off the girls.

Like the old country music song says, “Ladies love outlaws” and it seems young girls do as well. Bieber is just doing what comes naturally to a teenager full of hormones, testosterone and, allegedly, sizzurp and weed. The girls have been gravitating to Bieber like bees to a flower, a bit of a wilted specimen with his latest “criminal” exploits taking the bloom off this rose of youth, but drawn to him nonetheless. His track record in the romance department is not overly long nor is it that impressive.

Midnight trysts with Brazilian brothel babes does not count as romance, it is a monetary business venture. Justin Bieber and his “sex and the single pop star” lifestyle has had more than a little emphasis on the sex side of things. Even his first “virgin” romance, with his initial crush Selena Gomez, resulted in the teenager boorishly bragging about the fact that he “deflowered” the young lady in question.

Not, perhaps, the most adult thing to do, but as many seem to delight in pointing out, Bieber is still a kid; a mere boy; not to be held responsible for his actions no matter how distasteful the act of “kissing and telling” might be. Of course 21 year-old Gomez is sort of, temporarily at least, out of the picture. The singer checked herself into rehab in January, not for substance misuse problems, but, relationship ones. She wants to “wash that boy right out of her hair,” but, she needed a little help.

Bieber has not shown any signs of stopping in his pursuit of an eligible partner. During his Miami, Florida escapades; Justin was accompanied by Chantel Jeffries a bad girl making good with her romantic involvement with one of the most famous teen boys in the world. Jeffries who is said to be a sort of model also, allegedly, has a criminal record. Bieber hasn’t held her past against her though as she accompanied him to Panama when he flew there to rest from his exhausting brush with the local Miami law.

After his Panama break, the singer went to Toronto, Canada to turn himself into the police. Bieber was a person of interest to Canadian law enforcement for charges of assault against a limo drive in December 2013. While the 21 year-old Chantel is apparently still in the running, Justin has been spending time with a new flame; 18 year-old YouTube neophyte, with under 4,000 subscribers, Katherine Gazda.

The newest girl in Justin’s “harem” was introduced to him by a mutual pal Blake Kelly last year. It seems that the romance has taken off like a rocket, with Gazda trying “desperately” trying to turn this bad boy straight. If it sounds a little cliche, it’s because it is. As mentioned before, and not just in country songs, good girls love bad boys, but, they all believe that they can “love” the bad right out of them. Word to the wise to Ms. Gazda, that only happens in movies and sappy romance novels, rarely does it work in real life.

In this little triangle of Bieber’s, the players are amazingly similar. All three drawn to the bad boy image, although to be fair, 21 year-old Gomez was sucker punched by Bieber’s initial cutsie, just to be shown the singer’s true colors after she obligated herself. After investing in the relationship she found it difficult to deal with his real bad boy antics. Jeffries and Gazda are part of a triangle that could go on indefinitely. At least until he finds another target to zoom in on.

Meanwhile, with the idea of making Justin Bieber Sex and the Single Pop Star into a film – it would probably outsell his 2013 Believe film – but, it would not really spell out the players and their roles in this film of Bieber’s love life. If, however, a film titled The Good, The Bad, and the Strung Along was to be made, each player would have their character’s clarified by title. The Good being the newest member in this love crowded love affair, Katherine Gazda. The Bad, obviously being Chanel Jeffries mainly because of her “criminal” past. Lastly we have The Strung Along aka Selena Gomez, as this phrase does describe her entire relationship with Bieber. Of course the original title of this film reference included The Ugly, which of course, would have to be Justin.

By Michael Smith



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