Kanye Releases Visionary Stream of Consciousness to Charlamagne


Kanye West has released his “visionary stream of  consciousness” to both Sway and Charlamagne Tha God.  Kanye revealed to 105.1 The Breakfast Club that he does not rant, he releases a “visionary stream of consciousness.”  Rants or visionary streams of consciousness, they were hurled at Charlamagne and Sway during a recent Yeezus concert.  Charlamagne, a.k.a Charlamagne Tha God, is one of three radio personalities for Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club.  Kanye was interviewed by all three members of The Breakfast Club in late November.

During the interview, Kanye addressed how he is marginalized as a hip hop artist and not taken seriously as a fashion designer.  The Blood on the Leaves artist asserted it was frustration of his marginalization that dictates his Yeezus performances.  Charlamagne followed this explanation with,  “Do you not like the reception Yeezus has gotten? I didn’t like the album.  And I was a Kanye West fan, but Yeezus was whack to me.”  Kanye flashed a facetious smile and responded, “That’s great.”

Charlamagne persistently asked Kanye how he could denounce large corporations and in the same breath ask for their backing.  As the other two radio personalities, Angela Yee and DJ Envy began to speak Kanye interjected, “They waiting for Charlamagne to tap these gloves, and go at Ye, so Let’s go!”  Charlagmagne, dubbed the black Howard Stern by Rolling Stone, stayed calm as Kanye militantly answered questions.  The depth in Kanye’s  voice increased when responding to questions posed by Charlamagne.  “I been so excited….I been waiting for this interview…I want you to tell me everthing that I am doing wrong…so that I can improve that!”  Highly apparent is that at some point in time Charlamagne would receive a “visionary stream of consciousness.”

Be that as it may, Sway, host of Sway’s Universe on SiriusXm Shade 45, took several verbal blows on February 13 at the Yeezus concert.  “Everybody writing all sh*t to f**king diss me and talk sh*t, what the f**k did you do? Charlamagne, Sway, what the f**k you did? F**k you did?”  This tongue lashing is following a heated discussion involving Kanye’s claims of constant marginalization.  While interviewing Kanye, Sway asked:  “why don’t you empower yourself and don’t need them and do it yourself?”  With extreme turbulence in his voice, Kanye responded, “How Sway!”  Kanye then entered into a verbal tirade, screaming and hollering “You ain’t got the answers man!” repeatedly over and over. With Kanye’s voice escalating with every breath, Sway addressed him man to man. The intense back and forth looked as if it may come to possible blows at any minute.  Kanye seemed to receive the stern demeanor and continued with the interview.

The one-sided yelling match subsided and more professional tones were taken.  Sway is said to be a close friend of Kanye West, leaving confusion regarding the verbal confrontation.  Yeezy’s intense nature leaves little protection when it concerns verbal warfare.  Kanye will continue to release his “visionary stream of consciousness” to all that counteract his vision.

Editorial By Ebony Waller

Rolling Stone
Power 105.1
Atlanta Daily

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