Katy Perry Dumps Playboy John Mayer

Katy Perry
It is no secret that John Mayer has a reputation with the ladies and just how fast he goes through them.  Flying through beauties like Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston, it is a wonder the Your Body Is A Wonderland singer has any energy left at all.  Has Katy Perry turned the tables on this player of a playboy and dumped John Mayer?  One could only hope.

It was only last week that Perry was seen wearing a rather large diamond on her finger.  This, of course, set off the gossip mill of engagement rumors.  It came as no surprise as there was speculation that 36-year-old Mayer was actually thinking of settling down with the Firework singer.  After all, it was around this time the couple’s affection for each other was at its peak.  They were saying sweet things about each other in interviews and basically just being super mushy and showing lots of affection in public.  A source told E!News that family and friends were very excited for the happy couple and hoped that they would stay together.

Perry, 29, has been travelling but Mayer is nowhere in sight.  She even made headlines when she and Miley Cyrus shared a kiss while Cyrus sang Wrecking Ball at her concert in LA, taking Perry’s I Kissed A Girl song to a whole different level.  You can imagine the buzz as everyone was asking the question, “Where is John Mayer?”  The Dark Horse star also made solo appearances in Milan and London adding fuel to the gossip train.

Mayer swooned in conveniently while Katy Perry was fresh from her divorce with Russell Brand, a divorce that came in 2011 just a mere 14 months after they were married.  Rumor has it that he helped Perry get through that very emotional and difficult time.  As for playboy John Mayer, it seems he has his tail between his legs after Katy Perry dumped him, keeping only a high profile on Twitter.  He must finally be figuring out what it feels like to get dumped while he locked himself up posting recording session photos and engaging with friends and fans.

The two singers’ relationship has seen its ups and downs since it began back in 2012.  Lately it seemed the couple were getting closer since March and then suddenly, this newsflash hit.

Sources from E!News gave no details other than that their break-up happened, “within the last few days.”  The Unconditionally songstress said once in an interview, “I’ve been a fan of John’s for years before I actually got to know him.”

What came even as more of a surprise was when Perry and Mayer collaborated on a song together, Who You Love.  The song was released under Mayer’s album entitled Paradise Valley.

Perhaps the pressures of being one of the hottest couples in Hollywood has its downfalls.  After getting dumped by Katy Perry maybe John Mayer will put his playboy days behind him and realize he isn’t getting any younger.  Also, the list of women he hasn’t dated yet is just continually getting smaller.

Editorial by Derik L. Bradshaw



NY Daily News