Kim Kardashian Hearsay


Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, how many times can the hearsay be screamed before it begins to teeter on nauseating?  At this point, the latest is Kim Kardashian has slammed Ok for photo shopping her clothes.  The reality star claims if her clothes are a photo shopped imagine, then what else is?  She seems to have a valid point.  From but implants to injection after injection in her face the scrutiny is horrendous.

Social media has at least placed these attacked starlets on an even playing field.  The outfit on the front of Ok magazine is hideous.  This frames a picture that the Kardashian is beginning to loose her style and can not shed the pounds.  The mother of baby North claims the cover photo was photo shopped and posted the original version of herself.  She presented a side by side comparison via social media asking the tabloid not to photo shop her outfits. When does the combativeness cross over into just straight bullying?  With the anti-bullying laws plastered any and everywhere, why is the constant bashing acceptable?  Younger minds are highly susceptible and influenced by actions. Consistently, saying the words and physically presenting the opposite is a horrible practice of teaching.  In order to send a message and continue learning capabilities positiveness should be the focus.

Understandably, reality stars, celebrities, athletes and others culminating the entertainment world open themselves to constant scrutiny when signing the dotted line.  But there should be a balance between scrutiny and outright battery of a personality.  The Kardashian is still warring butt-implant rumors.  Was this not addressed one gazillion times to the infinite power?  The E! star attempted to dispel this rumor with live on-air x-rays of her derriere several years ago.  It is mind boggling that this is re-surfacing in 2014.  Yet another attempt to mutilate her persona by  slamming the post baby body she has attained.  The Kardashian hearsay is so out of control it would be of no surprise if it were released that the doctor conducting the but x-ray was secretly paid off.  The Kardashians have morphed into immortal anti-heros that defy financial burdens.  Making any negation concerning tabloid reportings released from the family seem untruthful.

When an empire is built the reign of influence may begin to over reach the truth.  The Kardashians have reached a level where if something positive is reported it seems fictitious.  Almost seems as tho the family placed it into the universe by flexing their financial power.  This form of thinking empowers and intensifies the most minute actions.  Not only are the actions minuscule but the re-action is atrocious.  The response to Kim Kardashian’s brunette to blond locks is a exceedingly polished example of this.  The constant torment of circulating photos of Kim’s physique before she was pregnant in comparison to her current body is brutal.  The behavior does not borderline cruelty it is submersed inside it.  Non Kardashian fanatics can visualize the non-sense of how demeaning that is to a new mother.  Regardless of her stature as it relates to television or public opinion, the Kim Kardashian hearsay is on another level and has no signs of stopping soon.

Editorial By Ebony Waller


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