LeBron Returning with the Black Mask


LeBron has returned to the lineup tonight wearing what can easily be compared to a Batman mask. Everyone has had their fun joking about who he looks like with this mask on. However, the one thing everyone agrees on is this mask makes LeBron even scarier. It makes him appear to have super powers with this mask on. If he did that would provide some kind of explanation to his return. LeBron said he might have started the game a little tentative, but that is not the case. He has been seen exploding up the court and throwing it down on more than one occasion. It is probably safe to say no one on The Knicks bench predicted that. Miami Heat is dominating the game even though they only had a five-point lead at the half.

The pace of the game has been going at a high-speed, and LeBron has been able to keep up so far. He has not seemed to miss a beat racking up 15 points to contribute to the team lead.  Nevertheless, it is without question that although LeBron is in the swing of things the mask could possibly still be interfering with his game.

The mask he is wearing has been created and adjusted to LeBron’s liking. He is a player that uses all his senses on the court. He needs to be able so see everything clearly. In fact, LeBron had his mask shaved down around the eyes so he would not lose his peripheral vision. That is a key part of his game that he was not willing to sacrifice.

As of now the mask appears to be growing on him with each minute as he added 20-points to the team total with 3 assists. It is lightweight and does not fog like the mask J.R. Smith is currently wearing. So, overall despite the initial discomfort that comes with wearing it nothing has changed. The man, the myth, the legend that is LeBron appears to be unstoppable.

The score is growing larger and larger, and the deficient continues to expand against the Knicks. It is 1:02 left in the 3rd quarter and there is a 23-point lead. If everyone has not already guessed it LeBron is leading his team in the scoring department with 27-points.

Not too bad for someone who is recovering from a broken nose. It has to be one of the best returns after an injury this season. As the clock winds down on this game, and the 4th quarter begins, he keeps getting better. Nonetheless, only time will tell if the black mask will ever be a hindrance. It is clearly looking like he may take to his mask like Richard Hamilton did to his. That is not to say he will continue wearing it after he heals, because that is highly unlikely. It has just become painfully clear to The Knicks and everyone watching that it is just a mask.

This black fixture on his face has not overcome him. He has risen to the occasion and, made an effective return with the black mask. He has currently clocked 31-points and 4 assist, but he is still heating up. So, fans and competitors better get used to seeing this black mask that will follow him all the way to the top seed.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker


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