Leighton Meester Got a Ring on It


Leighton Meester, 27, got a ring on it!  What!  “Blair Waldorf” can not marry anyone other than “Chuck Bass.”   Leighton Meester maintained a starring role as Blair Waldorf on hit show Gossip Girl. The show has recently ended, but she and her Orange County Beau Adam Brody, 34, are just heating up.  The two were engaged last November and were married in a secret wedding Tuesday.  The happy couple filmed The Oranges together and allegedly began dating shortly after.

Meester has gone through wide lengths to conceal that finger of wedded bliss; but, uh huh, Brody has not done the same.  Brody was photographed with a fan at LAX airport with the bling on full display.  The  O.C. star will grace the scenes of Think Like A Man Too, while Meester will hit Broadway starring in Of Mice and Men.

Leighton Meester got the ring on it and tried to keep it a secret…why?  So many couples choose to play down the nuptials, especially celebrities.  Is this to hide from those pesky paparazzi?  Meester may have stolen a couple of pages out of co-star Blake Lively’s  book.  Lively and the adorable Ryan Reynolds were able to pull off the ultimate hitch with no paparazzi.  Couples playing hide-and-seek from the paparazzi seem to just want privacy and intimacy:  two tasks that are almost impossible with constant clicking magnifying glasses.

A couple defying every rule in the intimate-private-ceremony book is “Kanye Kardashian” wait, no, Kimye.  The leaflets and memos of “thou shalt not publicly release wedding information” were clearly incinerated.  Each celebrity finds his or her own niche when it comes to wedding planning.  It is highly debated as to whether or not the amount of public access received contributes to the demise of relationships.  The public gaining an abundance of information can send a couple torpedoing into misery.

Although, what is that the goal of the public and paparazzi to scrutinize a loving couple and pry in their business in order to shatter the union?  Multiple celebrity couples marry in silence and private for a reason.  Many reality show alum have claimed losing their relationships due to the intense exposure.

How much information is enough information?  If too little information is given, individuals are craving more and will stop at no end to get it.  When over-saturated with information, it is difficult to distinguish what is fact and what is fiction.  If given a choice, obviously the most outlandish unrealistic scenarios will reign true.  The public given enough information may attempt to sabotage and destroy a loving couple.  This may not always be intentional, but it explains the abundance of secret weddings.  A couple secretly consorting does not have to wear the battle briefs of scrutiny or deal with the dangers of paparazzi planting stories to increase revenue.  The public has no target, thus possibly increasing the longevity of the relationship.  Leighton Meester got a ring on it very privately in order to slow down target  practice on her love life.

Editorial By Ebony Waller


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