Marie Marchand-Arvier’s Olympic Wreck



Marie Marchand-Arvier crashed in the women’s downhill event at the Winter Olympics in a spectacular wreck on Wednesday. She was up against some very good competition, but the toughest competition proved to be the course itself.

She started off pretty well, and there seemed to be no reason why she would not end with a great time, and possibly be in medal contention. However, as does happen in the Olympics unfortunately from time to time, she crashed.

Nobody saw this coming; first she’s doing great, the next thing you see, she’s lost all control and is flying straight into the safety net. It all happened so quick it’s hard to tell what happened, but one thing is for sure, nobody wanted this to happen, especially Marie Marchand-Arvier.

Before the women’s downhill event, she had come second in the 2009 World Championships Super G event, taking home the silver. It happens to the best of us, they say, and it did happen to Marie Marchand-Arvier. It’s just awful that it happened in the Winter Olympics.

The course officials actually had to go out and grind down the spot that Marie crashed on to help keep others from the same fate.The women’s downhill is a dangerous event, and many people get injured by one thing or another competing in it.

It looked like Marie hit the ground with her hip and her arm going around a corner. After that, she tried to straighten up, but was launched on a small jump, and after that, went straight into the netting. It was brutal, but she’s just lucky to have been able to walk away after something like that.

There have been a number of people who get injured in events like this. high-speed downhills have always been dangerous events, especially considering that these people are going downhill at over 70 kph with just a helmet and some back padding on.

Even cross country skiing and snowboarding have led to injuries. As for the course in Sochi itself, it even offers a couple lifts, specifically geared toward slowing the skier down just a bit to make the course more bearable for all the competitors.

This sport is a dangerous one indeed, having had people get badly injured or even die because they are trying to perfect something they are working on for the next competition. Some happen in practice, qualifying, and some just so happen to be in the Olympics.

There is at least one happy thing to say about what happened to Marie Marchand-Arvier. She got up under her own power, and she wasn’t hurt, aside from a few bumps and scratches. She will not give up.  She has the kind of will that just does not give up. 

Those who do these high-speed events are truly in a league of their own.  It sure does take a special kind of person to put him or herself at risk each and every day that they train. They know that with one misstep, they could be done not just for the day, but for any length of time, depending on the injury.

Marie Marchand-Arvier is a warrior, don’t be surprised if she’s back for the next Winter Olympics, and better than ever next time.

By: Justin Watts





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