Marvel Comics Guardians of the Galaxy Introduces New Characters

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Marvel Comics unveiled its new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night. The film, directed by James Gunn, features songs from the 70s and 80s including the hit 1974 song, Hooked on a Feeling, by Blue Swede which is used in the trailer. The comedic space adventure movie is based on one of Marvel’s lesser-known comic books about a team of heroes that are being pursued through the galaxy by villains who want to capture a powerful orb that Star-Lord has in his possession. The film introduces the following five diversified characters who play the heroes in the movie.

Star-Lord is the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy team and also the main character. He played by Chris Pratt who is known for his roles in Parks and Recreation and Everwood. Star-Lord is the son of Prince Jason of Spartoi and Meredith Quill. The formation of the Guardians of the Galaxy team is formed after Star-Lord feels responsible for the near universal-domination by the villain Ultron. In the trailer, Star-Lord comes across as juvenile but in the comic books he is described as being an expert in close quarter combat and battle techniques.

Drax the Destroyer, played by Dave Bautista, is a vengeful character hell-bent on seeking revenge against Thanos, the villain that is responsible for killing his family. Once a human who went by the name Arthur Douglas, he was killed and his spirit was captured by Mentor and Kronos then placed into a new body. Douglas was reborn and given his new identity, Drax, with the sole purpose of killing Thanos.

Gamora is the only female in the group. She is played by Zoe Saldana, best known for her roles in Columbiana, Avatar and Star Trek. Gamora is the adopted daughter of Thanos, a manipulative and volatile villain from another Marvel Comic, Iron Man. In the comic books, Gamora is introduced as the most dangerous woman in the universe and the last known survivor of the Zen-Whoberi race. She joins the Guardians of the Galaxy when she helps Star-Lord thwart Ultron’s plan to take over the universe.

Rocket is a computer generated raccoon voiced by renowned comedy actor, Bradley Cooper. Rocket is described as being an expert marksman with over 50 charges of grand theft. He was created during an experiment that imbued the body of a raccoon with the mind of a skilled militaristic strategist. Director of the Marvel Comics adaptation, Gunn, has described Rocket as being the heart of the team.

Groot is another computer generated character and his voice will be played by Vin Diesel. This is Diesel’s second time voicing a CGI character, in 1999 he played the voice of The Iron Giant. Groot is Rocket’s humanoid accomplice who has a limited vocabulary. His name presumably come from the fact that he strongly resembles a tree. Groot is described to be deadly but with a good heart, as he is loyal to Rocket and the members of his team. In the comic books, Groot is highly intelligent and is able to regrow himself from a small twig when he is severely damaged.

These five heroes will battle mega-villians to save the universe in Marvel Comics’ newest film which will be in theatres in August 2014. Guardians of the Galaxy is expected to do well as it introduces the audience to a new world of quirky, and even odd, characters.

By Lian Morrison

Los Angeles Times
Marvel Comics

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